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Razor is one of the most loved characters in Genshin Impact, especially during the early months of the game’s release. Who doesn’t love a white-haired boy who was raised by the wolves in the jungle?

What is the Best Weapon for Razor in Genshin Impact

This wolf boy has an electro vision and wields a claymore. Now that it has been more than a year since the launch of Genshin Impact, a good number of claymores are available to choose from for Razor. But which one of these big blades is best for him?

Despite having Electro for his elemental talents and ATK as an ascension stat, Razor’s kit will have you focusing on normal attacks. This means that most of the time he is dealing Physical damage.

razor 2

As of the writing, there are a total of fourteen (14) 4-star claymores and four (4) 5-stars. Three (3) of these are event exclusive and can only be obtained when they are featured in the weapon banner.

5-star Claymores

The best 5-star claymore for Bennett is easily the Song of Broken Pines followed by Wolf’s Gravestone. The others are also good but you have to consider the party composition to maximize those weapons.

Song of Broken Pines

This claymore has a Physical Damage bonus as its secondary stat and a passive or refinement effect that increases ATK and attack speed.

Song Of Broken Pines

With Razor’s playstyle that requires him to be active on the field most of the time, this weapon is great for him.

This weapon, however, can only be obtained during a special limited weapon banner. Which has its pros and cons because it will not be available as a permanent item in the standard banner. But you can save Intertwined Fates and Primogems until it is being featured again and being featured means there is a guarantee to get it if you meet certain conditions.

Wolf’s Gravestone

Wolfs Gravestone

The WGS is perhaps the most versatile 5-star claymore of this game. It fits well with the majority of the claymore characters both DPS and damage support.

Since Razor’s role is to deal damage then this 5-star claymore also works really well for him.

4-star Claymores

Prototype Archaic

prototype archaic

This weapon is perhaps the best among the easiest to get weapons in the early game. It can be crafted even at a lower Adventure Rank. This claymore has a secondary stat ATK and its refinement bonus is a chance to deal an additional ATK damage whenever Razor hits an opponent with a normal or charged attack.

ATK, as we know, is the versatile stat for a damage dealer or DPS character.

Snow-Tombed Starsilver

snow tombed starsilver

STS is also a 4-star weapon that can only be obtained by crafting. However, crafting this will only be available after unlocking Dragonspine, opening a chamber in the Entombed City – Ancient Palace, and lighting all the torches inside that room.

Serpent Spine

serpent spine

This claymore is a Battle Pass (BP) weapon, which means it is one of the in-game purchase items. You can only obtain it when you unlock the Gnostic Hymn by increasing the BP level to 30.

Lithic Blade

lithic blade

This weapon has a secondary stat bonus of up to 41% ATK which is good for Razor. However, the refinement effect of this claymore will only activate when at least one of Razor’s party mates is from Liyue. This is also only available when featured in a special limited-time banner.

Blackcliff Slasher

blackcliff slasher

The Blackcliff Slasher is a 4-star weapon that you can purchase from the in-game shop with 24 Masterless Starglitters.

The secondary stat of this weapon is CRIT DMG bonus which allows you to focus a little more on CRIT Rate artifacts when building Razor.


Akuoumaru card

As with the Lithic Blade, the claymore is an event-exclusive 4-star weapon and was introduced on the 2.2 update. They also have the same stats but the refinement effect of the Akuoumaru will increase the elemental burst damage of the weapon wielder based on the entire party’s maximum energy capacity.

3-Star Claymore

Skyrider Greatsword

skyrider greatsword

For early game or lower Adventure Rank, you can consider the Skyrider Greatsword as a weapon for Razor. Its secondary stat is the Physical DMG bonus and the refinement effect is a stackable increase in ATK when Razor hits an opponent.

However, for late game and higher world levels, it is better to switch to at least a 4-star weapon so that you won’t struggle on the higher-level game content.

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