Best Weapons in Valorant With Damage Charts


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What are the best weapons in Valorant? Answering this question isn’t as hard as you may think. It just depends on the situation you find yourself in while playing Valorant.

Best Weapons in Valorant With Damage Charts

In this article, we’ll explore the different weaponry in the game and when you can use it. All guns are unique and useful in different situations, so make sure to read the article all the way through and see which weapon suits you best.

The Best Guns for most situations in Valorant

Let’s not beat around the bush – the best long guns in Valorant are the Vandal and the Phantom. The two rifles are the go-to choice for most players.

Best 3 Weapons in Valorant are :

  • Vandal
  • Ghost
  • Operator

1. Vandal

Vandal 1

Vandal is especially good for longer distances. The bullets hit hard and fast. As with all other guns, you need to get used to the recoil pattern. In comparison, the Phantom has a higher rate of fire and more accuracy but deals less damage. It’s better for close-quotes combat.

Vandal Damage chart :

Cost – 2900 credits
Magazine size – 25 rounds
Damage to body – 39
Damage to head – 156
Damage to leg – 33

2. Phantom

Phantom 1

Phantom Damage chart :

Cost – 2900 credits
Magazine side – 30 rounds
Damage to body – 39
Damage to head – 156
Damage to leg – 33

The best sidearms in Valorant.

The first round in any given shooter is important. A victory early on not only brings you one step closer to winning the match, it also serves as a serious blow to the enemy’s morale. This is why it’s important to pick your first round pistols really well, as you can’t buy most of the serious guns on the first minutes of a Valorant match.

3. Ghost

Ghost 1

Ghost is a very popular pick due to its accuracy and precision. It’s the perfect gun for players that prefer a more strategic placement. It’s best used with agents that also utilize long-range abilities, such as Sova or Brimstone.

Ghost Damage chart :

Cost – 500 credits
Magazine size – 15 rounds
Damage to body – 30
Damage to head – 105
Damage to leg – 26

4. Classic


The Classic is a popular pick for the more aggressive player. It’s not that powerful, but the secondary fire option emits a shotgun round that can be devastating at close range. It’s also completely free, so there’s that.

Classic Damage chart :

Cost – free
Magazine size – 12 rounds
Damage to body – 26
Damage to head – 78
Damage to leg - 22

Specialized weapons

We’ll be completely honest here, the heavy machine guns and shotguns in Valorant are good in a very limited set of circumstances.

The best weapons to use when you need to go very specialized would be the sniper rifles. Valorant is a game where precision is rewarded. The snipers deal devastating damage at the cost of fire rate.

5. Operator

Operator 1

The Operator will kill most enemies if you hit them above the waist. Don’t forget that Valorant discourages moving while firing, so you have to be still when shooting the Operator. It’s a risk/reward dichotomy. Buying it is fairly expensive, so make sure you know what you’re doing.

Operator Damage chart :

Price – 4900 credits
Magazine – 5 rounds
Damage to body – 150
Damage to head – 255
Damage to leg – 127

6. Marshal

Marshal 1

The Marshal is the cheaper sniper option. A headshot is a guaranteed kill, no matter the enemy’s armor rating. Even body shots are dangerous, though not as devastating as the Operator’s.

This is compensated by the Marshal’s faster rate of fire and a quicker pace of movement than the Operator. It goes without saying that both sniper rifles are not the optimal choice for tighter firefights, as the slow rate of fire and the scopes make it very hard to aim at short distances.

Marshal Damage chart :

Price – 1100 credits
Magazine – 5 rounds
Damage to body – 101
Damage to head – 202
Damage to leg - 85

In the end, try all guns in Valorant

This article is just our educated opinion on the arsenal in Riot’s new hit game. Try all the guns and see which one suits your playstyle. It’s also worth it to train and get better with most weapons. Different situations require different skills. The difference between winning and losing is acquiring those skills.

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