Biomutant: All Clothes Soaker Locations


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It can easily be said that Biomutant is filled with puzzles, collectibles, and landmarks from the Long-Gone. Players are quickly getting a glimpse of how vast the Biomutant world is, and how every collectible, every item, and structure, tells a unique story about the world. Such a collectible are the clothes soakers in the game. There are a couple, and below you will find all clothes soaker locations!

Biomutant: All Clothes Soaker Locations

All Clothes Soaker Locations – Biomutant

These are just another term for laundry machines in Biomutant. They haven’t got a special use like actually cleaning clothes, but they can be treated as a collectible.

There are five clothes soakers throughout the Biomutant world. Each has a puzzle that can be solved, of relative ease. Players actually run into one quickly after starting the game. Let’s see all clothes soaker locations in Biomutant:

  • Bricktown: Simply find the laundromat in Bricktown. Inside, you will find the first clothes soaker, and the quest for finding all of them can be initiated. The puzzle is simple: Simply move the two left controls to match the ones on the right.
  • Krossway 3G: The second clothes soaker can be found at Krossway 3G, in one of the buildings in the service area. Follow the marker for the exact location. Puzzle: First nozzle two times clockwise, and the third, one time clockwise.
  • Hut Hut: The third one can be found in the small shack at Hut Hut. Go into the shack and take a left, and you will see the clothes soaker on your left. Puzzle: Second nozzle two times clockwise, fourth, one time clockwise, and the last one time clockwise again.
  • Shaftiloo: The second to last clothes soaker can be found in a destroyed building in Shaftiloo. Puzzle: First peg two time clockwise, second peg two times clockwise, third peg two times clockwise, and last one, one time clockwise.
  • Leftover 6l: The last clothes soaker can be found at Leftover 6l, at one of the abandoned buildings, in the basement. Puzzle: First peg yellow arrow on the left, second peg yellow arrow on the right, third peg yellow arrow on the left, fourth on the right, and last one on the left.

These clothes soakers aren’t just collectibles. In fact, they’ll give you very rare and sometimes very good gear. So, consider finding them all quickly.

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