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Radionics are basically radios scattered throughout the Biomutant world. Like a lot of other collectibles, these are also gadgets which are left from the Long-Gone era. They can be found multiple times throughout the world, and you will get a reward each time you find one, but also complete the puzzle. Read on to find all radionic locations in Biomutant:

Biomutant: All Radionic Locations

All Radionic Locations – Biomutant

The puzzles can be solved relatively simply. What players need to do to solve these radio puzzles is to look at the colors underneath the nobs. Under some nobs, there will be two lights: white and yellow. So, the nob that is above those lights, needs to match them.

Not all the nobs will have these lights though, but, once you have one, you can string the other nobs together by matching the colors of each nob. So, if you have a nob on the left with a yellow color on the right, match the second nob with the yellow color on the left.

Nevertheless, below you will also find the puzzle solutions. Here are all radionic locations in Biomutant:

  • Boulderbroke: The first one can be found at Boulderbroke. More specifically, in an abandonded bizarre shack between the trees. Walk inside, and you will find the first radionic on the table in the middle. Puzzle: First nob yellow on the right, second nob yellow on the left, and third one yellow on the right.
  • Sludgegush Fields: The second radionic is located in Sludgegush Fields, somewhere in the middle, where there is a container of sorts. You can either use a vehicle to get to the middle od double jump, since there is oil everywhere. Interact with the radio on the table. Puzzle: The same solution as the one in Boulderbroke.
  • Bio Nucleus 7H: Like the two before, the third one can also be found in a shack. It is located on the south of Bio Nucleus 7H. Follow the marker. Puzzle: Same solution as before.
  • South East from Miuf: This area doesn’t have a name, but it is a small chunk of land in water, south-east from Miuf. It can be found in one of the buildings, just follow the marker.
  • Bio Nucleus 6D: The last radionic can be found in that factory-looking building on a crate in the middle of the ‘factory’. Again, the same solution to the puzzle like the others.

That concludes all available radionic locations at the moment, in Biomutant. More might be added in the future.

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