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Traversing the harsh world of Black Desert Online can take a long time on foot. But that’s what mounts are for, right? Unfortunately, even though they’re essential because the game has no fast travel, you don’t get them for free.

How to Get a Horse in Black Desert Online

If you’re looking into acquiring a horse in Black Desert Online, you’ve come to the right place. While it can take some time, the processes are straightforward. Keep on reading to learn more about the methods.

Taming a Horse

One option to get a horse of your own is to tame one. However, there are some prerequisites like:

  • Beginner 5 Training
  • Level 20
  • Lassos
  • Carrot

As you get a free donkey from a quest, you should keep riding it until you reach Beginner 5. As far as the other items go, you can purchase lassos and carrots from a stabler. It’s better to bring more of both since you’re not guaranteed to tame the horse.

Once you have everything ready and find a herd of horses, follow these steps:

  1. Use a lasso on the horse you want to tame.
  2. Mash the Space bar during the minigame.
  3. Approach the horse a little.
  4. Continue the minigame and repeat until you get close enough.
  5. Feed the horse a carrot and (optional) raw sugar.
  6. Try mounting the horse.

If you manage to mount it, then you can immediately ride to the nearest stable. You get to name your new steed, and it’s yours to rely on from then on.

However, if you get bucked off, you can try again. Taming a horse all depends on your luck.

Taming can let you get horses from tiers one to five.


If you want the best horses (from tiers four to eight), you’ll have to breed them. You’ll need two horses, one of each gender, though you can rent a stallion if you only have a mare. Sadly, a mare is always necessary to breed, and you can’t rent one.

Here’s how to breed the horses:

  1. Go to a stable that allows breeding.
  2. Go through the check-in process for your horses.
  3. Recover their stamina.
  4. Make sure there’s an empty slot for the foal.
  5. Click on your male horse and register him for breeding.
  6. Click on “Show Only Me” to ensure only you can use his breeding chances.
  7. Select your mare.
  8. Select “Breeding Market.”
  9. Click on “My Horse List” and pick your horse.
  10. Select “Apply.”
  11. After 2.2 hours, come back and receive the foal.

Horses have limited breeding chances, even with resets. As such, you should make them count. If you don’t mind renting out the males for extra money, you can register it as “Show All.”

Buying a Horse From Other Players

Buying horses from other players is the easiest way to get one with desirable stats and traits. However, horses with excellent stats are expensive. It’s usually better to breed your own unless you have the currency to spare.

Your Trusty Steed

With a horse of your own, you can travel around the world of Black Desert Online swiftly. It may take a long time to get the horse you want, but persistence is often rewarded. Of course, you can always buy a great one from someone else, too.

What’s your best horse’s tier? Do you like breeding horses? Let us know in the comments section below.

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