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It’s no surprise that the games from the Call of Duty franchise have oddly enough been enjoyed as the most stable split-screen first-person shooters. But is it the same case as their newest title, Cold War?

Black Ops Cold War: How to Play Split-Screen

There aren’t many FPS games that do this thing better than COD, and that’s not an overstatement. Surely, there are some contenders, but not as popular as the GOAT of action-packed shooters.

How to Play Split-Screen – Cold War

For the majority of their games, they’ve had split-screen capabilities, with some exceptions. However, they can be famous for cutting down on essential mechanics which makes Call of Duty so good.

Nonetheless, thankfully that’s not the case with split-screen in the newest title. The game doesn’t exactly show you how to enable split-screen, hence this guide.

It’s unbelievably straightforward, just follow the steps below to play split-screen in Call of Duty Black Ops – Cold War:

  1. Launch COD Cold War.
  2. When you’re in the main menu click on whichever game mode you want.
  3. The game lobby screen will open. In the top right corner, you will see a message for Split-Screen. It will tell you which button to click to add another controller.
  4. That button will be either X for PS or A for Xbox.
  5. After that, another player should be added to the lobby, and you can start the game!

That’s how effortlessly you can play with your buddies or close ones in Cold War. This newest title features a similar architecture for split-screen to its predecessors.

You can tinker a bit with the split-screen options, but the main settings you should alter is whether to have your split-screen horizontally or vertically.

There aren’t many advantages to either one, just find the one which best works for you and your particular TV or monitor!

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