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At the moment, Cold War is one of the biggest first-person shooters on the market. Since its release it shot up in popularity, despite many believing that it was not as good as its predecessors. Issues with gameplay, with startup, and bugs haven’t been anything new in Cold War. The game was pretty buggy even after a few months of its release.

Black Ops Cold War: Missing Content Error Fix

Now, the most widespread issue that players are encountering is the “missing content” error when trying to get in on a match or search for one for that matter.

How to Fix Missing Content Issue – Cold War

Even though this issue hasn’t been fixed yet, despite it happening for at least a month now, many players have found workarounds the problem and some fixes.

What will happen usually is when a player is searching for a match on any gamemode, they’ll get missing content error indicating that some DLCs are missing or some other resources. However, that is not the case, and this is definitely a bug.

Fixing the missing content error in Cold War is simple:

  • Go into multiplayer, and hit Quick Play, and search for any kind of match. After it says “Searching” on the top, leave the search and then try to launch what you were launching before.
  • Or, restart the game.

If you’re in a lobby with multiple friends and you get this error even after you restarted the game or tried the former fix, then someone in the group might be experiencing the issue.

The host can also try to do a quick play search, and immediately cancel it to see whether that fixes the issue. If not, then all of the players in the lobby must try to restart the game.

At the moment, there is no indication or an ETA on a proper fix from the developers, but since it is so widespread, chances are that this will be patched soon. It isn’t an extreme error, or something that is game-breaking, but still annoying to encounter when trying to jump in on the action.

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