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Outsiders has been out for a while now, and even though we only get a snippet of the full game, the difficulty of the game is apparent even now. One of the most common issues players have with the game at the moment is getting legendary drops. If you have tried Outsiders than farming a full day without any legendary drops might be familiar to you.

Outriders: How to Get Legendary Drops

This is completely normal, and other than a couple of things, there isn’t really much players can do to increase their chances of getting legendary drops in the game.

How to Farm More Legendary Drops – Outriders

There is no doubt that Outriders is a really complicated game. Certain portion of the community even had problems with learning how to fast-travel in Outriders. Its difficulty though, is what players have come to love about the game.

In any case, as far as getting more legendary drops in the game, there is not much to be done. It is hugely dependent on RNG. Getting a legendary is less than a 1% chance.

However, if you want to start farming for legendaries though, be sure to put your world tier level to at least five. This greatly increases your chances to get some legendary drops.

As the game evolves and grows, more world tier levels will be unlocked for its players. We suspect that higher world tier levels will substantially increases chances for legendary drops. However, this means that the enemies and environments will be much harsher than usual.

Still, those who are well-geared will only snowball, as far as legendary drops are concerned. It is important to mention that many other players have come up with some interesting farming strategies, if you want to get into farming now.

There is a particular method of farming popularized by a couple of players in Outriders. While it is deemed the best farming method for legendary weapons, it can also be used for other types of gear as well.

In any case, at the time of writing, the game isn’t as much developed to consider grinding for hours. Still, it is no secret that those that do it, will have a huge advantage when the full game comes around.

Many are eager to start farming for legendaries because the progress made now, will be transferred to the full game.

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