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The various characters in Borderlands 3 cater to all types of playstyles and niches, making the game fun to play. In addition, you can experiment with their builds before finding something fun to use. However, the question of which one is the best remains.

The Best Characters in Borderlands 3

In Borderlands 3, the answer isn’t very clear-cut, as all four have arguments for being the best. If you’re not sure who they are, you’ve come to the right place. Please keep reading to find out more about them.


Moze is a female human and former soldier who fights in a mech called Iron Bear. When she was enlisted in the military, she had a decorated career until eventually deserting. In Borderlands 3’s current events, she’s a Vault Hunter who still pilots Iron Bear, filling the Gunner class spot.

Both beginners and veterans appreciate Moze for how simple it is to play her. Iron Bear boasts powerful weapons, and with some upgrades, you get access to bottomless magazines and unlimited ammo.

Should Moze herself get hurt outside of Iron Bear, she can return and regenerate her health. This ability lets her survive and continue melting enemies with the mech’s firepower.

While many builds focus on Moze herself, a specialized one can make Iron Bear into a mighty tank.

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As Borderlands 3’s Siren class, Amara has supernatural powers. They manifest in the form of ethereal arms she can use in battle, among other ghostly constructs. As a brawler, fighting up close is her specialty.

Even if Amara is a certified close-quarters combat expert, you can build her for a cautious and bait-and-punish style. Her skills are versatile, ranging from healing, damage buffs, and crowd control. You can mix and match according to your tastes and the situation.

In multiplayer mode, Amara can heal allies with specific builds. With this ability, she can provide extra healing to teammates just from doing her thing.

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A robotic Beastmaster, FL4K gained self-awareness and an intense lust for bloodshed. Originally, FL4K was only an “Indexing Unit,” but now he feels a primal pull towards bestial tendencies. His skill trees even enable players to change the animal companion he’ll have to accompany him.

Even so, no matter the build, FL4K is always a sniper at his core. He sends the animal ahead to draw enemies’ attention while he finds somewhere safe. From that location, he starts picking off enemies one by one and enjoying the slaughter.

FL4K can also cloak for critical hits, which can work very much in your favor if you have certain weapons. While invisible, he can also heal and move faster, allowing him to reposition and continue sniping.

Depending on the pet on the field, FL4K gains various bonuses. They range from healing to increases elemental damage resistance.

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Zane is the Operative class in Borderlands 3, and his bandit and mercenary background lend to his combat prowess. He was once a prolific gun for hire but stopped when many people started hunting him down. In current events, he’s a Vault Hunter wanting to lay low temporarily.

Zane is unique in that he can have two active abilities simultaneously. However, this prevents him from using grenades unless the second skill slot is used for that purpose. Each active skill even has a secondary function usable when enabled, except for his shoulder cannon.

The more you play Zane, the more tweaks and modifications you unlock for various skills. Such versatility makes him a character with unlimited potential.

Many of Zane’s builds focus on his Digi-Clone, as he can even switch places with it. With some tinkering, both Zane and the clone can throw grenades as well. The possibilities are endless.

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They’re All Too Good

While players have strong opinions about who’s the best, what remains a fact is that Borderlands 3 has a heavier focus on builds than classes. Arguments can be made for Moze being the best, but the game allows for all types of playstyles, even those for fun.

What’s your favorite build in Borderlands 3? Who do you main in the game? Let us know in the comments section below.

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