How To Breed All Animal Mobs in Minecraft 1.19



In this Minecraft guide, we will provide a complete list of all the animals available to breed in Minecraft 1.19, including animals that range from Horses, Turtles, Hoglins, and more.

How To Breed All Animal Mobs in Minecraft 1.19

Breeding animals is a necessary part of playing Minecraft, especially if you plan on playing long-term, as they can act as forms of resources, transportation, and even companionship.

Building an animal farm will save you plenty of time in the long run and provide huge stress relief, as gathering their drops elsewhere is one less thing you must worry about.

1. Pandas

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Pandas can be found in jungle biomes and love bamboo. They will follow players holding bamboo in their hands. The tricky part about pandas is breeding them.

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Eight bamboo blocks need to be within a five-block radius to breed them. Only then will they enter love mode and breed with each other. Otherwise, the pandas will just eat the bamboo.

2. Chickens

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Chickens can be bred with wheat, pumpkin, melon, and beetroot seeds. This makes the chicken one of the easiest mobs to breed since obtaining wheat seeds is extremely easy.

3. Pigs

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Pigs are also considered one of the most useful animals to breed in Minecraft. The player can breed them with carrots, potatoes, or beetroots. Pigs used to use wheat for breeding in the game’s early days, but Mojang changed their breeding food item after the 1.4.2 update.

4. Horses and Donkeys

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Horses and donkeys are some of the most useful mobs that can either breed with each other to spawn mules or with their type. Even though their breeding process is often standard, players must feed them golden apples, enchanted golden apples, or golden carrots.

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These are rare and expensive items to find or craft in the game. The players need to be careful before using them for the breeding process to get the right breeding type.

5. Cows, goats, sheep, and mooshrooms

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Cows, sheep, mooshrooms, and goats have been put together since they use the same food item to enter breeding mode: wheat. They are commonly known for being the easiest animals to breed since wheat can be grown from wheat seeds which are easily obtained by breaking grass. Cow and sheep farms are common builds whenever players set up a base camp in-game.

6. Axolotls

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Axolotls are one of the smallest and cutest mobs that players can breed. Once the two Axolotls are found in a Lush Cave biome, they can be fed with a bucket of tropical fish each to begin breeding. Remember, tropical fish must be alive and in a bucket of water for the breeding to happen. Such fish are most common in warm or lukewarm oceans.

7. Wolves

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Wolves are one of the game’s most common and awesome pet mobs. Though they can also breed, players must tame them using bones first. After that, they can be fed raw or cooked meat items like beef, chicken, pork chops, mutton, etc. They can even be fed rotten flesh to start the breeding process. Wolves are an amazing mob to breed, and they can help you in your adventures in the game in the long run.

Note: If the wolf has recently been injured, it will not enter breeding mode until its health has been fully restored by feeding them raw or cooked meat.

8. Cats and Ocelots

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Cats and ocelots are categorized under the same subheading as they have the same food items to enter breeding modes, like raw cod or salmon. But the players must first gain an ocelot’s trust or tame a cat to breed them successfully.

9. Llama and trader llamas

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Llamas and trader llamas can only be bred once players tame them. After taming them, they can be fed hay bales for breeding. Hay bale blocks can be obtained from villages or crafted with nine wheat items.

10. Turtles

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Breeding turtles takes a bit of work. Turtles spawn on beaches and can commonly be found swimming in the water. They will follow players holding seagrass; two turtles can be bred by feeding them this item. Seagrass can be picked up by using shears. Once the turtles breed, one will go to the shore and dig around for a long time before dropping turtle eggs.

These eggs take a few in-game days to hatch and spawn tiny baby turtles. These eggs will eventually spawn turtles, or players can pick up these eggs by using a silk touch pickaxe. However, several mobs are somewhat hostile toward these turtle eggs, which might result in the eggs getting crushed. Players must protect them for several days to complete the breeding process.

11. Foxes

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Breeding foxes can be tricky and quite frustrating due to their elusive nature. You can only find foxes in a taiga biome, and they will run from approaching players. The crouch or sneak action would be best to get close enough to one.

The easiest way is to barricade the foxes by surrounding them in a two-block high area where they can not escape. Once the two adult foxes are pinned in, feed them sweet berries, which can also be found within the taiga biome.

12. Rabbits

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Rabbits are hard to breed since they fear players and immediately run away. But once fed with dandelions or golden carrots, they enter breeding mode and spawn cute, tiny baby rabbits.

13. Bees

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Bees are straightforward to breed, as they only need to be fed a one or a two-block-tall flower. These mobs can be fed any flower, such as dandelions, poppies, blue orchids, alliums, azure bluets, red tulips, orange tulips, white tulips, pink tulips, oxeye daisies, cornflowers, wither roses, sunflowers, lilacs, rose bushes, peonies, and lily of the valley to begin the breeding process.

14. Frogs

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Frogs are one of the newest mobs in the game that can be awesome to breed. The players can feed them with slimeballs to get them to enter breeding mode. Once the breeding process is complete between the two frogs, one will find a suitable place in the water and lay frogspawn eggs. Tadpoles hatch from these eggs after a few minutes.

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