How To Breed An Axolotl in Minecraft


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Breeding axolotls has been a frequently asked question since the release of the latest Minecraft update. This guide will show you exactly what to do and how to breed axolotls to create your very own underwater axolotl army in Minecraft.

How To Breed An Axolotl in Minecraft

An axolotl is one of the most adorable passive mobs in Minecraft thus far. A rare cute amphibian loitering inside lush caves makes for a pretty good catch. And ever since the Minecraft 1.18 Caves & Cliffs update, players have been curious about this new little creature. There certainly have been huge changes since the latest update, and the axolotl was one of them. They made axolotls rarer than they were before, as they now only spawn inside lush caves.

Along with their cuteness is a character trait that makes them uniquely special. Although they are passive mobs in the eyes of the player, they attack most aquatic mobs,

Players have been scrambling to get their hands on the little creature and breed a ton of them to create an underwater axolotl army that will defend their base and help them conquer underwater ruins and monuments. So if you’re interested, read on to find out what to do, where to find them, and how to breed an axolotl in Minecraft.

Materials Required To Breed An Axolotl

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Empty Bucket: You are going to need at least four empty buckets: 2 for catching two axolotls and the other 2 for the buckets of tropical fish as food and bait. A single empty bucket is acquired by crafting three iron ingots in a crafting table. To craft an empty bucket, place an iron ingot on the top-left and top-right side of the 3×3 crafting grid inside the crafting table and place another iron ingot at the center of the crafting grid mimicking the design of a bucket. Once the empty bucket shows up in the crafting slot, click and drag it into your inventory. Do this multiple times to create multiple empty buckets.

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Bucket of Tropical Fish: You will only need two buckets of tropical fish per 2 axolotls for breeding. This will be used to lead and breed axolotls. A bucket of tropical fish can be acquired by capturing a tropical fish using a water bucket. To do that, fill an empty bucket with water and find a tropical fish in the ocean. Right-click on a tropical fish while holding the water bucket to capture it and turn your water bucket into a bucket of tropical fish.

Where To Find A Tropical Fish


In order to lead and breed axolotls, you will need to obtain at least two buckets of tropical fish for a single breeding process. To breed multiple axolotls, you will need more than two buckets of tropical fish. Remember that each axolotl must be fed with one bucket of tropical fish to allow breeding to take place. Tropical fishes will only spawn in lukewarm or warm ocean biomes as well as their variants and inside lush caves. They spawn as schools of tropical fish in groups of 8 with random color varieties.

Where To Find An Axolotl

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Axolotls are pretty rare as they will only spawn underwater inside lush caves biome. The condition for spawning axolotls is what makes them rare: They will only spawn when there is a clay block less than five blocks below the space where they are supposed to spawn in the lush cave. This means that there needs to be a clay block below the water block where they are expected to spawn.

How To Breed An Axolotl

  1. Obtain a bucket of tropical fish. Look for a lukewarm or warm ocean biome and catch a tropical fish using a water bucket. To obtain a bucket of tropical fish, hold the empty bucket on your hand and right-click on a water block to fill it with water. Then switch to the water bucket on your hand and right-click the tropical fish to catch it. Remember that you will need 2 buckets of tropical fish to breed two axolotls.
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  2. Look for an azalea tree. Growing azalea trees in the overworld signify that there is a lush cave biome underneath it.
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  3. Dig your way down until you reach the lush cave. Dig your way down using a staircase method. Do not dig straight down because the cave system underneath will be a pretty steep drop from the ceiling.
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  4. Search for axolotls. When you reach the lush cave, look for axolotls. They only spawn underwater on top of clay blocks.
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  5. Catch 2 axolotls. Fill the empty bucket with water and use the water bucket to catch any axolotl that you can find. You must right-click on the axolotl while holding the water bucket to catch it. Remember that you will need at least 2 axolotls in order to breed them. This will change the water bucket into a bucket of axolotl.
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  6. Bring them back to your base. Once you’ve caught 2 axolotls, it’s time to bring them back to your base to make them breed.
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  7. Build a pond. Axolotls are aquatic mobs and will require a pond built by the player before placing them down. The pond should be big enough for breeding and should be near your base.
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  8. Place the axolotls inside the pond. Hold the bucket of axolotl in your hand and right-click on the water’s surface to pour the axolotl in.
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  9. Feed the axolotls. Using the buckets of tropical fish, feed each axolotl one bucket of tropical fish. To feed the axolotl, hold the bucket of tropical fish in your hand and right-click on the axolotl. When you’ve successfully fed the axolotl, red hearts will appear.
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  10. The breeding process begins. Once you’ve fed both axolotls, they will immediately begin breeding. The axolotls will stop moving for a few seconds and a baby axolotl will appear afterwards.
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After breeding, the parents cannot breed again for the next 5 minutes. You may feed the baby axolotl with buckets of tropical fish to hasten its growth into an adult, with each feeding accelerating its growth by 10%.

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