Where to Find Rinzou’s Treasures in Watatsumi Island in Genshin Impact



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When exploring the challenging but beautiful landscape of Watatsumi Island, you may have come across one of these weird symbols drawn on a wall.

Where to Find Rinzou's Treasures in Watatsumi Island in Genshin Impact

If you go to a cave by the shore southwest of Bourou Village, you will find a journal with Treasure Hoarder’s notes about treasures owned by a pirate named Rinzou.

Together with these notes are special symbols that the great pirate has left on the island. One of them is the symbol you found while exploring Watatsumi Island.

rt symbol

There are eight Demon Symbols written on cliff walls around Watatsumi, and these indicate treasure buried in the area. Some of these areas already have the treasures dug up by the Treasure Hoarders, so you will not find all of Rinzou’s buried treasures.

Locations of All Symbols

Below are the exact locations of all the Demon Symbols around Watatsumi Island. But, to dig the areas marked by the Demon Symbol, you have to go to the cave where the Treasure Hoarder’s notes are found.

rt main cave

Make sure to go to this area first and check the notes. All other locations can be visited in any order.

rt notes
  1. This one is by a path outside of the village.rt loc 1
  2. Glide down to the bottom of the waterfalls, and in a little cave you can find this mark.rt loc 2 1
  3. This is one of the pillars of a platform, and is easy to see from the previous location.rt loc 3
  4. Drop a little down the waterfall and, on one side, you can see the symbol.rt loc 4
  5. This one is behind and below the shrine.rt loc 5
  6. This one is found between two waterfalls and the second level down from the upper surface.rt loc 6
  7. Based on the map pin, this symbol is on a wall on the the first level you can drop down to.rt loc 7
  8. From the previous location, drop further down to the lowest level to get to this last symbol.rt loc 8

This last location listed below does not have the symbol, but Treasure Hoarders are sneaking around this waterfall cave. This area seems to be a camp that Rinzou used as a pirate captain.

Here you will find his last farewell letter, which will give you a little idea about the pirates in Inazuma.

rt rinzous letter

Locating these buried treasures will also unlock an achievement titled “Long John Silver.”

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