Bug Reveals Crypto As Newest Legend Coming to Apex Legends Mobile


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Players who bought the Legend from the in-game store can’t play him until the next season.

Bug Reveals Crypto As Newest Legend Coming to Apex Legends Mobile

Respawn Entertainment had a major whoopsie moment when they accidentally made a familiar Legend available for purchase at the in-game store.

Apex Legends Mobile devs accidentally made Crypto available for purchase from the in-game Store for 750 Syndicate Gold. For a short time, players could view most of what the new-to-mobile Legend offers, including Skins, Banners, Finishers, and more.

That is not all, as some of the most important information about Crypto, such as his Perks, has also been revealed.

Intentional or not, Crypto fans on the PC and Console will be happy to know that Crypto is coming to the mobile version of Apex Legends very soon. We go over some of the leaked content in this guide.

Crypto Bug

Content Creator ImOw (@ImOwFromTY) tweeted these images showing his successful purchase of the unreleased Legend from the Apex Legends Mobile in-game store.

Apex Legends Mobile players could purchase classic Legend Crypto for 750 Syndicate Gold for a brief time. However, it was not long before Respawn Entertainment realized its mistake and removed the listing from the in-game store.

They could not take down the listing fast enough, as many players have already bought the Legend from the in-game store but cannot use the Legend in-game.

According to the devs, players who have already purchased the Legend can keep their purchase but will only be able to use it once he is officially released in-game for Season 2.5. On top of that, The Dev Team explicitly stated they will be “sending affected players Syndicate Gold to compensate them for this issue.”

If nothing else, this mistake has confirmed the next Legend coming to Apex Legends Mobile – Crypto. Crypto fans rejoice!

Crypto Leaked Perks

In a reply to his first tweet about the bug, ImOw, posted screenshots of Crypto’s leaked Perks, Finisher Perks, and Ability Perks.

The leaked images show three unique perks for every type of Legend Perk in-game, which means that Crypto will have up to nine different perks to choose from in-game.

Still, players can only equip one of each type of Perk per Setup. However, they have many options in terms of Perk combinations that they can configure to suit different playstyles.

Here are Crypto’s Leak Perks:

Crypto Perks

  • Downtime – The Ultimate Ability deals damage but will not reduce a character’s Health to below 1.
  • Battle Adaptation – Using your Finisher adds 100 points to your EVO Shield.
  • Self Destruction – The Drone will explode 3 seconds after being destroyed, slowing nearby enemies while dealing a small amount of damage to them.

Crypto Finisher Perks

  • Rescue Effort – Drones can pick up items on the ground and deliver them back to Crypto
  • Restart – After using Finisher, if the Drone is on cooldown, its cooldown will be reset instantly, and if not, Ultimate Ability gains 30% Energy.
  • System Scan – When a Drone’s scout effect focuses on a character for more than 3 seconds, the character’s health and Armor will be displayed.

Crypto Ability Perks

  • Lag Bomb – The Drone gains a new Ability that fires an EMP bomb forward, slowing enemies within the bomb’s blast radius while dealing a small amount of damage to them.
  • Interrogator – Using your Finisher reveals the location of your enemy’s Squad on the mini-map.
  • Hide Player – When Crypto uses the Drone, he becomes semi-cloaked.

Some of these Perks look very strong, especially Rescue Effort, Restart, Interrogator, and Hide Player. All of these give Crypto powerful buffs after using an Ability or Finisher. Crypto’s Perks are surprisingly varied as well, giving Crypto players the flexibility to play like a scout (System Scan/Interrogator) or a support Legend (Rescue Effort/Lag Bomb)

Knowing the specifics about every single Perk for Crypto will have Apex Legends fans very excited to play the Legend when he finally comes out in the next patch. For now, players can start formulating the best combination of Perk, Finisher Perk, and Ability Perk that will suit their specific playstyle when playing Crypto in-game.

Hyped Up

Season 2.5 is still a few weeks out from release. The Crypto leak was likely just a genuine mistake by Respawn Entertainment, but it is worked out pretty well for them, as these leaks have fans pumped up for his expected release in the upcoming Season 2.5.

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