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ConcernedApe’s magnum opus and the torchbearer of all indie farming simulators, Stardew Valley, has been wholesome. The game’s wholesomeness began to spiral upwards when the option to build Pam a house was added in the 1.3 updates.

How to Build Pam a House in Stardew Valley

About Pam

Pam is a villager that lives in a trailer with her daughter, Penny. She is known to have a drinking problem and spends most of her evenings in Gus’ Pub. Pam was a bus driver but became unemployed when Pelican Town’s only bus ceased functioning. Since then, life was not fair or easy for her, so she tends to lash out at Penny.

BuildPam 1

With the player’s help, you can turn Pam and Penny’s life around. After completing the Community Center or funding JojaMart, you can fix Pam’s bus to drive people to Calico Desert.

In addition to giving Pam her job back, you can buy her a house in this game. But before you can make that happen, there are some necessary steps you must go through first.

Building Pam’s New House

BuildPam 4

1. Earn nine hearts of Friendship with Pam

Winning Pam’s heart is easy if you have a Keg and an endless Beer, Mead, and Pale Ale supply. Although, Penny would most likely prefer if you would give her mom Glazed Yams, Parsnips, and Parsnip Soup instead. Pam also likes Cactus Fruit which can only be foraged in Calico Desert and Ginger Island’s Piña Colada.

BuildPam 3

2. Gather 950 pieces of Wood

Running out of energy is perhaps the only problem you face gathering wood. Wood is not scarce in the game, so that you can collect it quickly. Eat plenty of food for your energy to last long when chopping away all the trees on your farm and in the Cindersap Forest.

BuildPam 2

3. Obtain 500,000 gold

Giving away 500,000 gold for a good cause is feasible if you are already in your 3rd year and earning around 50,000 average income daily.

BuildPam 6

4. Build Pam and Penny a new home

Visit Robin’s Carpenter Shop and ask her for a Community Upgrade to allow you to buy a house for Pam. Robin would gladly work on refurbishing their trailer for three days. After that, you can watch a cutscene of Pam and Penny’s reaction to their new home.

Home Sweet Home

BuildPam 7

You will witness Pam and Penny standing in complete awe and disbelief in front of their new house. Before you can talk to them, you can choose whether to tell them you were the one who paid for the home or remains anonymous.

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If you choose to remain anonymous, you will get a dialogue from Pam saying you probably preferred not to disclose your identity so they will not feel obligated to you. She says, ” Whoever you are, you must be a real angel, ” Robin jokingly disagrees.

BuildPam 8

If you tell them you were the one who bought it, Pam will feel quite demeaned at first, thinking of how she could repay you for your good deed. With this, you will be given two dialogue options once again. You may say, “It’s a gift, no repayment needed,” or tell her, “You can start by treating Penny better.”

Picking the first dialogue will render Pam a bit speechless. She will look away and utter she will swallow her pride. Penny will try to lift her spirits by saying no one looks down on them for being poor. If you select the second dialogue, Pam will have some realization and apologize to you. Pam will then add she will try not to be so resentful all the time, promising her daughter they will become a real loving family from then on.

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