How to Help Gulliver in Animal Crossing New Horizons



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Learn how to help Gulliver in Animal Crossing New Horizons and reap the benefits of doing so.

How to Help Gulliver in Animal Crossing New Horizons

Every day, you survey your island’s shores, and one day, you see an animal washed up. When you try talking to it, it says something random and goes back to sleep.

The truth is, 2 of these birds will get washed up on your shores. The one wearing blue sailor clothes is Gulliver, and the one wearing a red outfit is the Pirate Gullivarr.

When you find them on your island, you have to wake them up. To do this, you must keep trying to talk to them. You can hit them multiple times with your net until they wake up and stand up to properly talk to you.

Screenshot of Gulliver thanking the player for waking up

They both fell off their ships and needed to contact their crew.

When Gulliver tries to use his communicator, he finds it is broken and missing some communicator parts.

Screenshot of Gulliver saying that his communicator is broken

How To Help Gulliver Find His Communicator in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

He will ask you to find five communicator parts, saying these items are probably buried in the sand somewhere.

To find the communicator parts, you must watch for signs similar to when looking for Manila Clams. On the sand, there will be water spraying out a small hole.

Screenshot showing what to look for when searching for Manila Clams

Dig at these holes, and you will likely locate a communicator part.

When you dig up those areas, you will find a communicator part

Bring five of the communicator parts to Gulliver so he can fix his communicator. He will thank you, and the next day, he will send you a letter and a gift.

Screenshot of the letter you get after helping Gulliver fix his communicator

If you decide not to give Gulliver the communicator parts, he will still leave your island the next day, but the communicator parts will be converted into Rusted Parts.

Screenshot of the player's inventory in Animal Crossing with Rusted Parts

Rusted Parts are items used to craft a Robot Hero.

Screenshot of the player's crafting grid in Animal Crossing showing the Robot Hero

How to Find Gullivarrr’s Communicator

When the bird washed up on your shores is wearing red clothing, Gullivarrr the Pirate Gulliver. He will appear on your island at least a week after meeting Gulliver. Please also note he will only appear once you have purchased a wet suit because you will need this for the Pirate’s request.

Screenshot of the player finding Gullivarr on the beach

As with the sailor Gulliver, you need to wake Gullivarrr up by trying to talk to him or hitting him with your net multiple times.

Screenshot of the player waking up Gullivarr

The Pirate Captain Gullivarrr also fell off his ship and needed to contact his crew. However, unlike Gulliver, he lost his communicator and will ask you to find it.

Screenshot of Gullivarr waking up all shocked

He will mention the communicator probably fell into the water. All you have to do is dive into the sea and hope to find the lost item.

Like how you find and capture sea creatures, look for bubbles popping from a shadow underwater. Swim to its location and dive to catch it.

A screenshot showing what to look for when trying to capture sea creatures

Usually, it will not take long to find Gullivarr’s communicator; if not on the first dive, you will get it at the 2nd or 3rd. Bring the communicator to him, and he will send you a thank you letter with a gift the following day.

Screenshot of the player finding Gullivarr's missing communicator

If you decide not to return the communicator to Gullivarrr, it will be converted into Rusted Parts the following day.

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Also, the day you receive a thank you mail from these two, go and check the recycle box in the Resident Services, and you will find Rusted Parts there.

A screenshot of where you can find rusted parts in the Resident Center's recycle box

About Gulliver and Gullivarrr’s Gifts

The items that Gulliver and Gullivarrr will give are exclusive to them and cannot be obtained in any other way. This means that there are no DIY recipes for the items they provide, and even if these items are listed in your catalog, you cannot purchase them.

Gulliver’s gifts are souvenirs from his trip worldwide, while Gullivarrr’s are pirate-themed items.

Special Achievement Reward

Once you have helped Gulliver 30 different times, you will receive a special letter from him with another gift. This gift is a DIY recipe for crafting a Golden Shovel.

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