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The main cryptocurrency in Dragonary is called Coinary Token or CYT for short. As of this writing, one CYT is worth $0.03 but as the game has large potential, there’s a good chance that it will increase in the future. Dragonary developers reward players with a set amount of CYT every day but you can also buy CYT for your account as well.

How To Buy CYT For Dragonary

As with most NFT games on the market currently, you can buy CYT to spend on Dragonary. On the other hand, you can also withdraw the Dragonary you get from the game too. Withdrawing and getting CYT is easy. What’s hard is getting CYT tokens on your account. It’s important that you get CYT as it will help you get more dragons in the game thereby increasing your rarity level too. Here’s a quick guide on getting more CYT.

How To Buy CYT

For starters, you’ll need to create a BNB account first. Binance is one of the top exchanges for crypto currently. Creating a Binance account is free. From there, you can begin buying tokens that you can use to exchange for Dragonary. From here, you should consider buying Tether as this is a stable coin and it doesn’t fluctuate in prices. Since you are going to swap for a different coin, it’s important that the coin stays stable. Once you have Tether, use it to buy BNB.

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Once you have your BNB, you’ll need to connect a MetaMask wallet and then transfer your BNB coins from there. You cannot buy or swap for BNB coins on your MetaMask wallet directly which is why the first step is important. When prompted, make sure to send your BNB coins to the Binance Smart Chain (BEP20) network.

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Next, go to ApeSwap and connect your MetaMask Wallet there. ApeSwap is the only exchange where you can swap or trade CYT. You cannot directly purchase CYT yet so you’ll have to go through the process above first. Once you swap your BNB for CYT, you’ll receive CYT on your MetaMask wallet.

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Next, you should go to your Coinary hub, and then click on Deposit at the CYT section. Copy the address there and then send it from your MetaMask wallet and you’re all done.

Buying CYT is a costly and time-consuming process. Hopefully, the developers make the process easier by making CYT available on Binance or on MetaMask directly.

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