How to Switch Seats in a Vehicle in PUBG


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If you didn’t know yet, maps in battle royale games such as PUBG are humongous. With a hundred players running around the map at the same time, having a large map is a requirement. Because the map sizes are so large, players will need some kind of transportation to get across the map faster. After all, everybody needs a break from holding the “Shift” key all the time. Right?

How to Switch Seats in a Vehicle in PUBG

In PUBG, players can drive and ride any car or motorbike they find in-game. These vehicles can often accommodate at least one person at a time.

However, there are certain vehicles in PUBG that can seat up to six players in-game. The Hippie Van is one of them.

On the off chance that you and your squad come across these vehicles, it will be great to know how to switch seats within the car.

Shotgun Isn’t The Only Seat In The Game

There are a few reasons why you need to learn how to change seats in PUBG.

One of those reasons is that in the off chance that your current driver has been sniped off the car by an enemy player, you can immediately swap in for that player and continue moving to avoid being sniped off yourselves.

Another reason is your driver might need to heal up. In that case, your driver can switch seats and heal up even when the car is moving. This is because, in PUBG, players can heal whenever they aren’t the ones driving the car.

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One cool trick that made the rounds on Reddit a few years ago is a very flashy drive-by kill executed by a single player. He did this by getting close to his target and immediately switching seats while the car was moving. Players can shoot out of the car given they are not the ones driving. A flashy kill indeed.

How to Change Seats in PUBG

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Assuming that you already have a car available, switching seats in PUBG is a pretty seamless affair.

  1. Get inside the car:
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2. Hold CTRL + (1/2/3/4/5) the numbers correspond to which seat the player switches to. 1 and 2 are the default for driver and co-driver respectively.

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CTRL + 3 switches the player to the rear left seat.

Simple. Right?

Fasten Your Seatbelts

Whatever reason you may have for switching seats in PUBG, this guide has hopefully taught you how to do it. While it is not essential in-game, it is pretty valuable in certain situations.

Switching seats while inside the car is faster than stepping out of the car and walking over to the other side. You might even get shot while you’re doing something as trivial as switching car seats.

PUBG’s vehicles are a fun way of getting around the map with your friends in style. With everything that’s happening to our world currently, you and your mates might miss going out on road trips together. You might not be able to do that in the real world right now, but you can at least drive around Erangel with your mates in a Green Dacia.

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