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Your armor is one of the most crucial elements in Call of Duty Mobile. So, getting it more often will be a improve your gameplay quite a lot.

Call of Duty Mobile: How to Find Level 3 Vest

How to Find Level 3 Vest – Call of Duty Mobile

But how do you get more level 3 vests? Well, there isn’t exactly a way that you can use to get a level 3 vest every time in COD Mobile. However, there are some things which you should keep in mind of when playing the game.

Usually, if you have a lower level vest and loot a box which has a level three one, you will automatically pick up the vest. However, there is an issue here.

You have to pay attention to how much durability the vest has before you close the loot box and continue to battle. I say this because, whenever the lvl 3 vest is substantially damaged, the game won’t automatically pick it up for you.

This happens quite often in COD Mobile, and can leave players confused as to why they don’t have that level three vest that they’ve found.

Okay, this only increases the chances that you won’t miss out on any level three vests. However, usually, this will definitely increase how many vests you find in-game.

Another way that you can increase your chances of getting level three vests is by landing in areas that yield a lot of loot. Usually, these places can be more rewarding, because they have a bigger chance of getting you some rich loot.

Good Loot Locations

The locations that I will mention won’t just be great to loot around, instead, they’re great landing places, so make sure to consider them for that as well.

Here are the best locations to land:

  1. Nuketown
  2. Pipeline
  3. Standoff
  4. Launch Base
  5. Diner
  6. Countdown


Nuketown, the Black Ops favorite, is now in COD Mobile. Because of such popularity, the developers made sure that this place is packed with loot. Here, you will find a lot of high tier loot, as well as lvl 3 vests.


Pipeline is a pretty popular spot to land at already. When you land ignore everything and go straight for the warehouses. Here you will find a lot of level 2 and 3 vests, as well as some good loot.


This is located north on the map. Like the other two places, it is pretty popular so make sure to loot quickly. This location is taken from Black Ops 2.

Launch Base

Lots of people go to the Launch Base, because it is located in the center of the map. So, if you’re skillful enough to survive it, I suggest going here.

Diner & Countdown

Both of these are less popular than the other choices on this list, so if you don’t want to go into stressful situations with many players, go to one of these to. There is a high probability that you will find level 3 armor along with some good loot.

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