How to Get Merc 5 Skin in COD: Mobile



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Call of Duty: Mobile is a game highly appreciated by many mobile game lovers.

How to Get Merc 5 Skin in COD: Mobile

The game is rich in map and game mode variety, as well as skin variety. Also, some skins in the game are given to players by the developers of COD: Mobile for free for a certain thing. The “Merc 5” skin is also available without payment at COD: Mobile this time.

Let’s look at how to get Merch 5 skin in COD: Mobile.

How To Get Merch 5 Skin In COD: Mobile

COD: Mobile is played by many players worldwide, and there are huge COD: Mobile tournaments. The foremost of these tournaments is the “World Championship” tournament sponsored by Sony.

The tournament that started in September will continue until the last days of October. Players will be able to watch the tournament live from the COD: Mobile application.

Also, COD: Mobile developers offer various rewards for players who watch the tournament live for a certain period. One of these is the Merch 5 skin.

You can get the Merch 5 skin by following the steps below:

Step 1: Press the “Stream” button

Step 2: Click on the “Award” tab.

Step 3: Press the button under the “Merch 5” skin.

It’s that easy. Also, you must fulfill the requirement to get the Merch 5 skin. This condition is to watch the live stream for 60 minutes without a break. During this period, you can earn other rewards.

Another critical point is that the awards during the “World Championship” tournament vary. Therefore, following the award part throughout the tournament will get you more skins and awards.

Considering that the tournament will end towards the end of October, it is useful to be quick.

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