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The Medium is a game that is unbelievably scary, but the whole experience would be much more terrifying if the game was being played on a ultrawide monitor. In general, the games that support 21:9 aspect ratio really do look far greater, as the angles are much wider. However, since the release of The Medium, there are many players that are wondering whether you can play the game on that aspect ratio.

Can The Medium Be Played on a Ultrawide Monitor (21:9)

We have dived deep to find out whether there is official support for it, or at least something that will allow the game to be played in that way.

The Medium on Ultrawide Monitor (21:9)

Unfortunately, The Medium doesn’t support ultra-wide (21:9). The only aspect ratio you can play the game is 16:9 ratio, or some that are close to it.

When playing on a 21:9 aspect ratio, you get the usual black bars on the sides, and while that is a bummer, there are other issues as well. For example, many in the community have complained about subtitles, menu text size, and placement.

For some reason, the text size is enormous, and isn’t at the usual locations where it should be. Ultimately, this causes the text to overlap, making it extremely difficult for players to make out certain things.

Additionally, there isn’t another way that you can play the game currently using that aspect ratio. For such games, there are usually individual modders or developers that make it possible to play on different aspect ratios.

Will The Medium Support Ultrawide?

Bloober Team has come out with a statement and said that making support for ultrawide is close to impossible. The main reason is the dual gameplay.

There are issues that arise with the angles of both gameplays, and frankly it would be extremely challenging to deliver on this feature. Still, all is not lost for those that frequent this aspect ratio.

The truth is that, as I said, there are many modders that do these types of stuff, and chances are that many have started working on making this possible.

But, in Bloober Team’s statement, they also said that they have 473 fixed cameras. This begs the question, is it even possible? In theory yes, but it practice, extremely tough.

We will have to sit tight and hope that some modder finds a way to make this a reality. It does seem like it is a lot of work, and things frankly look grim.

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