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The Medium is one of the most psychologically scary games out there right now. However, there is so much else that this game has going for it, that the horror part becomes its secondary aspect.

Is The Medium Multiplayer

There is a lot of puzzle-solving and mystery-solving in The Medium. This is the main features that distinguish it from other games, and ultimately make it one of the best horror games of all time.

Since it has a dual-reality aspect to it, many players were under the impression that the game was a co-op multiplayer. However, is it?

Is The Medium a Multiplayer Game?

The short answer is no, The Medium isn’t a multiplayer game, and it doesn’t have any multiplayer options. This is a bummer since the dual-reality would really be great and a unique way to do co-op multiplayer.

Nevertheless, there have to have been so much more development and expansion to make this a reality. Even though it hasn’t got any multiplayer functions, this game is still great to play with some friends on a Sunday night.

Granted, it won’t be as laid back of Sunday night as it would be if you played Overcooked. But that’s the beauty of The Medium.

It puts you in a puzzle-solving mindset, and then jump scares you with a particular cut-scene or a horrific place. The Medium really is a game that focuses on one thing, but manages to be great for everything else as well.

Additionally, these aren’t the only aspects which are above-average. While it isn’t an action game, and doesn’t need much work in that area, it still feels surprisingly smooth, and mechanically stable.

You won’t get bored while playing The Medium. Each part of it is different and the game will take you on many different paths and objectives, hence why it is such a great choice to play with close family members or friends.

As for the future of The Medium, and its lack of multiplayer, the chances are low that it will get implemented in the future. It is not that kind of game, and implementing it would require a lot of work and development. However, we will have to wait and see.

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