Can You Play Fall Guys With Friends?



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Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is an online hit, a massive multiplayer Battle Royale that keeps on growing! With fun mini games and a huge number of active players every day, the game is a very good place to spend some hours with the people you love.

Can You Play Fall Guys With Friends?

Which means – yes, you can play Fall Guys with your friends, but the situation is not ideal. There are some odd rules in play which have raised questions on so many people’s heads. So, let’s dive deeper and see what they are!

The Rules Of Playing Fall Guys With Friends

Here is the first confusing thing: although Fall Guys is a 60 players PvP game, you can only team up with up to 3 other players. The cap for a premade group is at 4, so if you and your buddies surpass that number – you won’t be able to enjoy Fall Guys together. Someone will have to play alone.

It’s somewhat understandable why the creators at Mediatonic didn’t want bigger groups to be able to join certain rounds. The game is one-against-all type of survival, so teaming up with more players to destroy one or two others would be totally unfair. But it’s still a shame that you can’t gather all your friends on one playground.

Another baffling thing is why Fall Guys doesn’t have crossplay. It is on both PC and PS4, but it doesn’t connect the both. If you are a PlayStation 4 master and you want to play together with your PC friend – well you can’t do so. No cross-platform play is possible so some of your friends might be excluded again.

The next thing which is bad is that the game can’t be played in a split screen mode. These days it’s normal for a game not to come out with the couch co-op feature, but because Fall Guys is pretty simple and straight forward, people have been wondering “Why not?”. It would surely make one hell of a sleepover at the friend’s house.

In all reality, all these problems are easily fixable. Given more time and resources, Mediatonic can well develop a system for everything. It remains for us to see if they will do so.đ

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