Do You Need PS Plus To Play Fall Guys?



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Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout has a ridiculous amount of player base on PlayStation 4 and it’s only growing! No matter if you’re a serious gamer or just a casual, the game succeeds in satisfying both categories. It’s no wonder why Mediatonic’s title is such a hit when considering its fast and fun gameplay, hilarious movements and just the right amount of competitiveness to get you heated!

Do You Need PS Plus To Play Fall Guys?

The game has launched for both PC and PlayStation 4, so gamers from both platforms can join and battle each other to win some crowns. But there has been some misconceptions whether a PS Plus subscription is a must if you want to play the game on your console, so let’s clear them up.

Does Fall Guys Need PS Plus?

First of all, Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is not a free game. If you want to connect and play with your friends, you must pay for it.

Its regular price on Steam is around $20 or €19.99. The case is somewhat similar for PlayStation 4, with the change that you can’t actually buy the game as a standalone item. It’s only available for those who aren’t free users and who have PS Plus subscriptions.

But, this shouldn’t be a large problem for you, because the PS Plus price is the same as the current price of the game, that is $20. You can at any time pay for the membership and have Fall Guys free for download whenever you want.

If you do decide to end the membership, you won’t be able to play the game any longer. It will be free for you as long as your PlayStation Plus subscription is running. It’s not a perfect deal, but it is what it is.

It definitely helps if you’re already a member, but if you are not and can’t wait to join all the craziness of Fall Guys, then this the perfect time to become one! See you inside!

So in short : Do you need PS Plus to play Fall guys? Yes you need to be able to play.

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