Can You Play Risk of Rain 2 on Mac?



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Since its release, Risk of Rain 2 has been actively grabbing gamers from every corner of the world. This super intense fun run is an experience which is very sought after and of which players can’t get enough! Wherever you see this game, there is an addicted gamer behind the screen – having a blast!

Can You Play Risk of Rain 2 on Mac?

Hopoo Games’ last title is a masterpiece that should be enjoyed by everyone and we believe that 100%. But the game has been pretty silent on only one platform, namely the Mac, so the Apple users are wondering: Can you play Risk of Rain 2 on a Mac? Here is the answer!

Can You Play The Game On Mac

Risk of Rain 2 is a multi-platform hit, having its home on PC, Xbox, Nintendo and PS4. Across all of these consoles there are rogues blasting their way out through hordes of monsters, alone or together with other rogues. And since turning your enemies into ash is always a good way to pass your time, it should be available for everyone, right?

Well, Risk Of Rain 2 is not available for Mac, but only for Microsoft Windows and the rest of the consoles. We aren’t sure why the developers haven’t worked on a Mac version for their game since the game is such a success. The fans have been crying all over the forums for some answers, but the news are truly rare.

And while you can’t play Risk of Rain 2 on Mac or Linux, there might be a way to get around this problem.

How To Play Risk Of Rain 2 On Mac

Here is a possible solution for all of you who can’t wait for the game to arrive on Mac: Installing two operative systems on your Apple computer.

If you didn’t know by now, using Boot Camp Assistant, you can install Microsoft Windows on your Mac and choose between the two systems every time you turn on your computer. What this will allow you to do is download your Steam when you use Windows, download Risk of Rain 2 as well and play it like that.

And if you aren’t a tech guru and you aren’t sure of how to perform the whole operation, here is a link of a video guide to help you out

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