Risk Of Rain 2 Final Level Stuck – How to Beat Last Boss


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We’ll admit it – Risk of Rain 2 is hard as hell! But it’s a large part of what makes it fun and amazing, so we as gamers should not complain, right?

Risk Of Rain 2 Final Level Stuck - How to Beat Last Boss

Right… Yet a big percentage of the players have been reporting problems with being stuck on the final level, posting on the forums and on Reddit about how they can’t even get on the platform to start the fight.

And although the game has been a real challenge for many people, the last moments of it are on another level of intensity. However, there is a way of getting around this problem, so let’s get into it!

Final Level Stuck & How to Beat Last Boss

The developers at Hopoo Games have really cooked up a nice surprise for their most dedicated players. It all starts with finding the Primordial Teleporter and then using it transport yourself to the Moon. But if you’ve already cleared the Moon level and you’re having trouble with the last boss, here is what you’ll need. Spoilers ahead!

The Right Gear for Final Level

In the last level of Risk of Rain 2, having the right gear is essential. You may have the most OP artifacts but if you think that they’ll be enough to beat the final boss – you’re wrong. Here, mobility and jump items are what’s gonna let you pass further. So in the trade area, buy as much as you can and fly forward!

One trick that players have been utilizing is getting at least 4 jump items, then finding the highest point and then try jumping onto the main platform.

four jumps risk of rain

The Multi-phased Madness

The final boss Mithrix, King of Nothing, has a few tricks in his sleeve and he respawns 4 times. That means that you’ll have to defeat him 4 separate times before you escape his home.

Almost all of the abilities that can hit you during the 4 encounters are deadly, so once again, the mobility here is the key. You’ll have to properly navigate and dodge every attack that’s coming your way, shoot from afar and stay safe as long as possible.

One trick that we have seen work is when playing the Engineer, to put turrets and fire from distance. You can also make it work with the other characters, but you’ll need some extra bits of carefulness and skill.

final boss

Escaping The Moon

Run, run, run! Defeating Mitrhix isn’t the end and you’ll need to safely depart the Moon. To do this, you’ll be given 4 minutes and you’ll need to spring to the launch pad and teleport away. There will be some enemies along, so you’ll need to remain alert until the last second.

If you’ve proved yourself with killing Mithrix – we believe that you can do this as well! Don’t rage, stay calm and you’ll beat Risk of Rain 2 in no time!

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