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Visage is not a horror game. Visage is a genre.

Can You Play Visage on a Mac

This game is arguably one of the best psychological-horror games of all time. What Visage does best is immersing its players as much as possible. The graphics, the style, the plot, all just works together so good, sort of like clockwork. There are no words for the feelings you might get when experiencing this game.

On top of having such exceptional graphics and story, there are many things that you can do in the game in terms of puzzle-solving and mystery-unraveling. However, can Mac players experience this wonder of a game?

Can You Play Visage on a Mac?

Since its launch in 2018, Visage had some ups and downs. Usually, there were more ups than downs, especially when it launched. It immediately caught the eye of many horror fans, and slowly acquired a status comparing it to the greatest horror games of all time.

With such publicity and traction, it caught the eyes of all platform players. Mac users were all asking the same question. Can we jump in on the hype?

Unfortunately, Visage is not available for the Mac officially. I say officially, because there are some interesting ways you can play the game.


Wine is a program that allows Mac and Linux users experience programs that otherwise they wouldn’t be able to. Basically, it mostly allows these operating systems to run PC programs.

Unfortunately, Visage isn’t added on Wine yet, but chances are that it might get in the future. There are many games and applications that are available on Wine, to check them out go to their official website.

GeForce Now

Since Visage isn’t available on Wine yet, the only other way that you can experience it on your Mac is through nVidia’s latest service, GeForce Now.

It is a steaming service that allows you to play any game that you like, no matter what kind of a system you have, or what kind of performance it packs. Technically, you’re not running the game on your own Mac, but instead, you get a stream.

Nvidia has powerful system’s set-up and you can play any game on full settings. However, you will need an extremely strong connections in order not to have such a delay, and a decrease in quality. GeForce Now is subscription-based.

Still, it is unfortunate that Visage isn’t available for Mac players. It is a great game, that gamers of all kind want to experience, and today, it is only available on the PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

There isn’t anything official from the developers suggesting that there would be any platform compatibility change. Chances are extremely low that this happens.

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