Visage Chapter 2: How to Solve the Compass Puzzle



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In Visage’s chapter 2 there will be some really hard puzzles. Some might be also very long and difficult to solve, especially if you have come across the compass.

Visage Chapter 2: How to Solve the Compass Puzzle

However, solving this puzzle was fun because it brought a different perspective to Visage, not that the game particularly needs a different perspective, since all of the puzzles and places are unique.

But still it was fun to roam around outside, and do some detective work there.

How to Solve the Compass Puzzle – Visage: Chapter 2

Even though I said this puzzle is really hard, don’t fret so much because I’ve got you covered, I’ll tell you exactly what you need to do.

I will cover both how to get the compass, and how to solve the compass puzzle. Since most are here for the solution to the puzzle, I think it’s fair that I start with that:

Solving the Compass Puzzle

Follow this steps to solve compass puzzle :

  1. Go to the basement stairs that ultimately lead to the dining room. There should be a mirror there, break it and go out to the park.
  2. Put the compass in your hand and follow it. It will lead you outside the park, then down the road to the left.
  3. When you see the cemetery go to it and pick up the flower on the bench on your left.
  4. Go to the statue in the middle and then take a left.
  5. Continue on the trail and you will see flowers on the benches as you go.
  6. Go straight until you reach the end. Look on the right and you will see an open area.
  7. Interact with the open grave on your right.
  8. There will be a cutscene here, after it, open the box and then pick up the toy.
  9. Now, you will need to follow the trail back to the statue.
  10. Go through the gate on the top and then go inside the door of the mausoleum!

If you don’t have the compass yet, this is how to get it:

How to Get the Compass

To get the compass you need to :

  1. If you are in the house, make your way to the basement. You will need to have the crowbar to do this, so if you don’t have it, get it from the mirror at the mannequin.
  2. Open the window on top of the ladder using the crowbar!
  3. Pick up the compass.

That’s it from the compass puzzle. You will have still some ways to go after this puzzle with equally difficult challenges so good luck! You can check our page for more Visage guides if you’re stuck on a specific puzzle.

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