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Many players find themselves wanting to alter the path which they’ve chosen with their abilities and skills. Whether a mistake was made or the character is just too weak, refreshing the gameplay style with their skills and perks seems like a good idea for most.

Can You Respec | Wasteland 3

This can be achieved by a respec of the Rangers in Wasteland 3. Similar other RPG games offer the option to change your in-game abilities and perks, making sure players are always satisfied in the way in which their character is set up.

Is Respec Available in Wasteland 3?

Unlike other similar styles of games, which offer much customizability, Wasteland 3 doesn’t have the option to respec. It seems like the developers are continuing the trend of high risk – high reward.

The predecessor to Wasteland 3, Wasteland 2, also didn’t offer the option to respec. However, are there ways to go around this?
Well, for PC, it is easy to say that a respec mod is on its way. Wasteland has an extensive community for mods, but they only cover PC. What about the console players?

How to Get Around Respec Problem

There are exciting ways to go around this problem and change the abilities and perks of rangers:

  • Creating New Rangers
  • Recruiting Rangers

If you already made the mistake of assigning all the points for abilities, the only way possible to alter this is to create a new ranger.

This is the more challenging way since you would have to research which abilities to take, and it is a clean slate.

Recruiting Rangers is a more straightforward method because the rangers you can recruit already come with certain perks and skills. However, the basis you get is not changeable.

To create and recruit rangers, you need to find Sergei Greatski, located somewhere in the Ranger HQ. This NPC is a way you can manage your character party.

If you want to make more overpowered rangers, create new rangers. You can tailor these characters to your needs and desires. Usually, with this option, you would have to be more advanced or research more into which abilities and combinations are best.

For now, this remains the only way of respect in Wasteland 3. Most likely, a mod for PC will come out that allows changing your spec. However, console players are stuck, and if there isn’t an update that implements this feature, there is no other way.

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