Wasteland 3 Controller Support – How To Fix


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One of the most asked questions for Wasteland 3 from the PC player is, does this game have controller support? Occasionally, PC players enjoy taking a break from the keyboard and mouse, and some play with a controller.

Wasteland 3 Controller Support – How To Fix

Fortunately, Wasteland 3 has controller support, and the compatibility might surprise you. Virtually, any controller which can be plugged in the PC can run Wasteland 3 with no issues.

However, sometimes Xbox and PS4 controllers have issues with the controls, as well as Steam controllers.

How To Fix Issues With Controller Support

Even though almost all of the PC controllers are compatible and encouraged, why does the game have controller support issues? It is mostly because of the wrong settings or faulty controller, so here is how to fix controller support issues :

  • Switch to GAMEPAD (Steam)
  • Switch to CONTROLLER (Wasteland 3)

As far as the Steam controllers are concerned, to use a Steam controller, you need to play the game through Steam strictly. The newer Xbox and PS controllers are usually working with ease since the settings detect that a controller is plugged in. However, if the controller is older, consider doing one or both methods mentioned above.

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