Can you Use a Steering Wheel in Dirt 5?



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Dirt 5 is now released. As with any new Dirt game, players are eager to jump on it as fast as possible. We heard that wheel support will be coming to Dirt 5, as well as multi-monitor support.

Can you Use a Steering Wheel in Dirt 5?

Apart from the casual racing players who have no issue with playing on a controller or mouse and keyboard, the more hardcore racing players are left wondering if you can use a steering wheel to play.

Wheel Support in Dirt 5

In a Q and A in June, some of the corporate representatives for Dirt 5, stated that the game will have full support for steering wheels.

Furthermore, they also continued, that the game will support ultra-wide monitors, but that they won’t talk about multiple monitors support until July. A lot of time has passed since then, and there haven’t been any updates on the situation.

Can you Play Dirt 5 with a Steering Wheel?

Even though corporate stated that there will be full steering wheel support, it seems like the game hasn’t got it since release.

For now, you can’t play Dirt 5 with a steering wheel! This is unfortunate, however even though there weren’t any updates by the developers, support is most likely coming soon.

The chances are slim that for a game as massive as Dirt, that they leave it with no support for wheels. It’s a competitive game, and the majority of its player base have played previous Dirt games with steering wheels.

There was a statement by Codemasters which stated that as they near launch date, they’re working with wheel providers to best enhance the Dirt 5 wheel support options, but it’s taking longer than expected.

So, until the next update we might have to sit patiently while the developers refine their wheel support options.

Nevertheless, players are furious that they didn’t use the previous wheel architecture until they update it, but it’s always good to hear that the developers are working around the clock to bring us the best possible options.

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