CES 2019: Hands-Free Movement Controller Coming to PSVR, The 3dRudder


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There’s something inherently wrong with PlayStation VR and how Sony went about bundling it with the decade-old PS Move technology. The PS Move wands work fine, sure, but for games where robust movement is needed, they tend to feel very cumbersome. That’s not to say they’re completely useless, but in games where locomotion is mapped to the PS Move controllers, it tends to be a bit of a hassle.
Enter the 3dRudder.
The 3dRudder is a hands-free solution for VR gaming movement. The device sits on the floor with your feet on top of it, and using your feet you control movement inside of games. It works using pressure sensors, so if you move your feet forward slightly you’ll move forward. Push backwards a little and you’ll move backwards, and so on and so forth. However, it is only to be used while seated and it is not to be stood on. This may sound like a downside, but in reality it’ll be handy for those with limited space and so can’t make use of room-scale games (not that we PSVR players have such a luxury).
The device has actually been available for a while for PC users, but now 3dRunner is coming to PlayStation VR in partnership with Sony. The company behind the device will also be partnering with numerous developers to implement 3dRudder into their games. According to the press release notes, it is expected that 30 PSVR games will be compatible with 3dRudder upon release with more to follow in the future.
The 3dRudder goes for $99.95 over on the official website, so it’s likely we’ll see a similar price for the PSVR-compatible model. [Update: The website lists the PSVR branded version at €119.99/$119.99 – €20/$20 more than the regular edition on PC. However, this version comes with the footbars that are sold separately for €19.99, so it’s the complete package.]
It’s an exciting idea, isn’t it? I know I’ve personally had problems wrapping my head around the complex control schemes that come from having to use the PS Move wands for movement and interaction. The PSVR Aim controller solved a lot of those problems but it’s only really any good for shooters. The 3dRunner should open the doors for better experiences on PSVR.
The 3dRudder will release in April 2019 and will support the following games, with more to follow:

CES 2019: Hands-Free Movement Controller Coming to PSVR, The 3dRudder
  • Sairento VR
  • The Wizards – Enhanced Edition
  • Red Matter
  • Ultra Wings
  • Pirate Flight
  • Blind
  • DWVR
  • Darkness Roller Coaster
  • Mind Labyrinth
  • Honor & Duty: D-day
  • Honor & Duty: Arcade Edition
  • Operation Warcade
  • Arafinn: Return to Nangrin
  • Bow to Blood
  • End of the Beginning

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