Chivalry 2: How to Change Your Weapon


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Chivalry 2 is just a fast-paced slasher right, it isn’t that complicated? Wrong. This game isn’t that straightforward as many believe. There are complicated mechanics, and the progression system is a bit unusual to what most are used to. Consequently, the game also fails to guide players for simple things like changing your weapon. How to change your weapon in Chivalry 2? Read on to find out!

Chivalry 2: How to Change Your Weapon

How to Change Your Weapon – Chivalry 2

Most likely, most are aware that you can setup your particular loadout before the game in the Armory. All the confusion is about how players can change their weapons during the game.

Well, there are multiple classes in Chivalry 2 with even more subclasses, and all are different in terms of their weapons and kit. However, while some don’t have two weapons, most of them do have two weapons.

So, to change your weapon in Chivalry 2 while in a match, click on the DPAD if you’re on PlayStation or Xbox, and cycle through the weapons, and select the desired one. Players can also throw their current weapon, and the game will immediately switch to the other weapon, but yes, this is a bit counterintuitive.

On PC it is quite different. By default, 1 and 2 are the key binds for switching between the weapons in the game. If that doesn’t work for you, make sure to go into settings and then key binds, to see on what keys this is set for you. 

Now, if you’re thinking of using the shield, well, depending on how far you have progressed with the classes, and which class you’re playing, you will either be able to utilize the shield or not.

Only a couple of classes have a shield as a combat weapon, but for some classes you do have to reach a certain level with a certain subclass, so that you can start using it.

For example, the Footman class. You have to reach level four with it, to get the Man-At-Arms subclass, with which you get a shield. The other classes work in the same way as well.

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