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With multiple classes in Chivalry 2, there is a lot to choose from depending on your particular playstyle. However, it becomes tougher after you choose a class, since you’ll have to choose a subclass as well. The same goes for the Archer class, which has three subclasses. So, to make things easy for you, read on to learn more about this class in the Archer class and subclass guide below.

Chivalry 2 Archer | Class & Subclass Guide

Archer Class & Subclass Guide – Chivalry 2

So, as you might have guessed already, this is a ranged class, pretty obvious right? Well, yes, but actually this class is relatively interesting. It is the only ranged class in the game, so for all those that love to keep a distance, this is the only class available.

It has three subclasses, and since it is an Archer, it has both low stamina and health. So, it is a pretty squishy class, and next to useless in close range combat. Nonetheless, let’s talk about the three subclasses for the Archer:

NOTE: Only the Skirmisher subclass has a special ability, the others don’t.


OK, this one is easy. This subclass is the sniper subclass. Players can use bows, and this class is relatively effective over longer distances. Short-range combat though, is quite difficult.

With this subclass, players can also utilize spike traps, and also ignite their arrows using things like braziers.

Overall, a great class if you want to keep a distance, and snipe.


This subclass is great if you want to take down Footmen and Knights, as its really effective for that. Obviously, players can utilize a crossbow for combat.

The Crossbowman can also use a shield, and a banner to heal all nearby friendlies.


Much like the Ambusher subclass for the Vanguard, the Skirmisher has throwable weapons. So, players have throwable javelins and axes. We touched on the fact that the Skirmisher is the class that has a special ability.

However, this is a must since players will need to replenish their ammo. Well, the special ability is just that, it is called the Quiver, and replenishes ammo, so players can stay in combat.

It is a hard class to play, but definitely has an interesting playstyle.

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