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Chivalry 2 is probably one of the most well-renowned medieval hack-n-slash games out there. But the game really does shine if you play it with your friends. It adds a layer of strategy and thinking, which otherwise isn’t present if you’re playing all by yourself. But many players aren’t aware of how to invite friends to play together. Well, let’s talk about that and see what the most common issues players are having.

Chivalry 2: How to Invite Your Friends

How to Invite Your Friends – Chivalry 2

Let’s start off by saying that it is really straightforward to invite your buddies in a party and play together. However, since the launch of Chivalry 2, there were a handful of reports with people getting strange errors.

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One example is: “Current user does not have multiplayer privileges”. There are also others which have been encountered, and it seems very clear that the developers are working on ways on fixing them.

But let’s clear up how to invite your friends in Chivalry 2 first. Firstly, launch the game, and then, once you’re at the main menu, look at the bottom-right. There you will see an option to invite your friends, use that to do so. If you’re having issues, there are a couple of things you can try.

If you’re getting some sort of error or issue, try to fix it by firstly restarting your console or PC. Once you do, try to invite other players again.

In some cases, a simple restart might not solve your issue. In that case, try restarting your router. Now, depending on the model, your router might reset your network settings as well, so follow a guide on how to properly restart your router, depending on the router brand and model you have.

Other than that, you really do need a fast and stable connection for Chivalry 2. If you’re playing Chivalry 2 using Wi-Fi, consider switching to a wired connection. All in all, it will give you a faster and more stable connection, and possibly fix any matchmaking issues you’re experiencing.

At the moment, there is no crossplay for Chivalry 2, but the developers are keen on exploring this option in the future. As of now though, there isn’t an ETA on when that will happen.

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