Chivalry 2 Vanguard | Class & Subclass Guide


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Chivalry 2 is not only a hack-n-slash title with no other comprehensive combat systems, oh no. The game has quite a complex battle system, with classes, subclasses, and other aspects which players need to take into account if they want to become a successful warrior. With so many classes and subclasses, it is quite hard to nail everything right. Today, we will decompose the Vanguard class, and also give you a comprehensive class and subclass guide!

Chivalry 2 Vanguard | Class & Subclass Guide

Vanguard Class & Subclass Guide – Chivalry 2

It is a squishy class, there is no getting around it. It’s one of the classes with the lowest health, but it mitigates for this by having a high damage output, and speed.

So, it is really an agile, fast-paced class, with a high damage output. Because of the speed and DPS, it remains one a fan-favorite class in Chivalry 2. For the Vanguard class, there are three subclasses players can choose from:


This class is interesting. Instead of having a primary and a secondary weapon, this class turns the secondary weapon slot as a primary one as well. So, you end up with two primary weapon slots.

The special ability is the Trumpet, which can increase regeneration of health, for all nearby allies.

Raider is a bit of a high damage and support class, a hybrid if you will.


Instead of having two primary weapons like the Raider, with Devastator, players can wield two heavy weapons, without any impact on versatility. Plus, Devastators have a knife as the secondary weapon.

As for the special ability, with the Oil Pot, by throwing it, players can set flames to the battlefield.

Overall a high DPS class, with a lot of versatility, but low health and no protective abilities.


Now, if you want to be extremely fast with your playstyle, then the Ambusher class is for you. It is the fastest one, and your main weapon is throwing knives. It is similar to a rogue, where it deals more damage on backstabs.

A very unique subclasses which must be played perfectly. It doesn’t have that much DPS or even range for that matter, but if played properly, it is a pretty solid class. It is not for everyone though.

The special ability replenishes your ammunition, and it is called the Quiver.

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