How to Get Skyscrapers in Cities Skylines


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Skyscrapers are tall and magnificent structures that allow more people to gather in smaller areas. Thanks to their height and multiple floors, they save plenty of space. There aren’t specific buildings called “skyscrapers” in Cities: Skylines but don’t worry; there’s something close enough.

How to Get Skyscrapers in Cities Skylines

The answer to getting skyscrapers in Cities: Skyline is to build high-density zones. When you upgrade them, the structures will become taller. Keep on reading to find out more details about these essential high-rises.

Construct High-Density Zones

Should you wish to construct these high-density zones, your city must have already surpassed a population of 7,000 citizens. By this time, the city will be pretty developed, and there should be a complete infrastructure including police, health, and other industries.

Players should already be catering to the citizens’ needs, and that’s why more people will move to the city.

At this point, you can start assigning zone types to areas in your city. To get tall buildings and skyscrapers, you’ll need to build one of these on an empty site:

  • High-Density Residential Zone
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  • High-Density Commercial Zone
  • Office Zone

At first, you’ll notice that the buildings aren’t very tall. Even though they’re high-density zones, you’ll still have to upgrade them to reach Level 5. That’s when the tallest buildings can genuinely be called “skyscrapers.”

After your zone finishes with construction, you can click on a building and check its information. Initially, you might notice there’s no level-up information available. Don’t panic; this is natural.

Upgrading Your Buildings

If you wish to make the game show you the buildings’ upgrade requirements, the best course of action is to fulfill the residents’ needs. You might already have public transportation, crematoriums, and other facilities in the vicinity, but sometimes it’s not enough.

Some of the buildings you may consider constructing nearby are:

  • Fire Stations
  • Hospitals
  • Cemeteries
  • Medical Clinics
  • Police Stations
  • Police Headquarters
  • Bus Stops and Lines
  • Schools
  • Universities

When you build these structures, you can go back to the tallest buildings in a high-density zone. With some work, you’ll eventually see the requirements for upgrades appear.

The requirements vary, as sometimes the citizens demand education, while others want better law enforcement. Either way, the more you cater to their requests, the sooner you can upgrade the buildings.

Eventually, you’ll reach Level 5, and that’s when the buildings become tall skyscrapers. You might feel a certain sense of pride in that building. However, don’t stop there, as you can always raise more zones to this status.

In the default game, the zones can be toggled between two styles, Vanilla and European. Skyscrapers only appear in the Vanilla style, which means you’ll have to switch to it. European buildings are nowhere as tall.

IT Cluster – Green Cities DLC

Standard Office Zones don’t have skyscrapers, but if you purchased the IT Cluster DLC, you could switch your Office Zones to this style. Doing so guarantees a tower once you fully level up the area.


Shining Pillars of the City

You’re going to need plenty of development to support the many skyscrapers you want to have. However, if you’re constantly catering to people’s requests, you’ll have an easier time. Your city will also benefit immensely from the new buildings.

How many of these skyscrapers does your city have? Do you think there should be more skyscraper styles? Let us know in the comments section below.

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