How To Level Up Your Battle Pass Fast In Fortnite



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One of the ways Epic Games keeps players busy in Fortnite is by giving them a new battle pass each season. Simply put, a battle pass is a rewards system where players can unlock surprises such as new dance emotes, pickaxes, skins, and many others. The catch is each battle pass is tied to a season, meaning it can last for up to 10 weeks at the very least.

How To Level Up Your Battle Pass Fast In Fortnite
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It can be easy to miss out on great opportunities to level up your battle pass. There are two battle pass tiers. There’s a free basic battle pass that offers minimal rewards. If you spend 950 V-Bucks, however, you can unlock a new tier of rewards, including those amazing exclusive skins. Ten weeks is usually more than enough to go through all those battle pass levels, but if you’re struggling, here are some tips you might want to consider.

Pass The Time With Daily Challenges

If you play Fortnite every day, it shouldn’t be a problem to finish your dailies regularly. If you look at the bottom of your quest list, you’ll find three green quests. These are quests that refresh every day. They involve simple tasks such as searching chests, harvesting materials, and catching fish.

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Each daily quest will give you 17,000 XP, so that’s a total of 51,000 XP per day. However, you can only get 1,700 XP from these quests. To make matters even better, you receive a new search each time you finish a daily quest. Remember that the daily reset happens at 7 am PT / 10 am ET / 3 pm BST each day, so log in regularly.

Always Do Your Missions

Back in the old days, you had to shell out extra V-Bucks to unlock missions that, when completed, would give you a ton of XP for your battle pass. Epic Games has since done away with this practice, and now, you get a set of weekly missions for free. Completing your weekly missions throughout the battle pass is enough to get you to the highest level.

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Each of the missions you get in Fortnite will net you 30,000 XP. As there are 12 quests per week, you can earn 420,000 XP just by completing all of them. The missions aren’t too complex, and they involve tasks such as dealing a certain amount of damage with a specific weapon or even building a certain amount of a specific structure.

To maximize your XP, focus on completing the Legendary Quests first. These are harder quests, but they net you more XP. The catch is that Legendary Quests are only around a week after they appear. By comparison, you can do regular weekly quests whenever you want to the moment they become available.

Complete Your Punchcards

Returning this season in Fortnite are punchcards. This feature allows you to get a headstart on your battle pass by completing specific quests related to NPCs. You can score as much as 20,000 XP per NPC. There are six punchcards to complete each season, and completing them all instantly rewards you with over 100,000 XP.

Additionally, you can also do Character Punchcards. These are initiated by talking to specific NPCs around the Fortnite map. The hard part is getting to them safely. Once you initiate the quest, however, you’ll see that the NPCs will give you simple tasks that will reward you with a ton of XP.

Play With Friends

There are a lot of benefits to playing with a squad in Fortnite. One is that they can help you finish your quests when you’re gunning for the highest rewards in the battle pass.

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However, you need to remember that not all battle pass quests can be finished with a party. You should look for ones that are tagged with Party Assists. These are quests that can be done with the help of others – which is a huge weight off your shoulders.

Win Games

Everyone aims at getting a Victory Royale in Fortnite for many reasons. Scoring a Victory Royale will give you 300 XP, but that’s just the start. The more opponents you take out during the match, the higher your XP rewards will be. If you want to max out your battle pass, you have more reason to go for each game’s top spot.

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That said, if you strive for a higher XP reward at the end of each game, you must play more aggressively. However, if you aren’t used to that style and just want the win – rotate around the circle and let the other players finish off each other first. Once the last few players begin duking it out, you begin to fight back.

Finishing a Fortnite battle pass is very rewarding, especially if you consider that the skins from this rewards system are time-limited. Many players believe that ten weeks is more than enough to complete a battle pass, so don’t feel too much pressure, as you will eventually catch up to it as long as you focus on your daily missions.

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