How to Get Legendaries in Clash Royale


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Cards are how players in Clash Royale attack opponents, build structures, and cast spells. They come in four rarities; the best ones are often Legendary cards. As the name suggests, getting on some without effort is not easy.

How to Get Legendaries in Clash Royale

There are still ways to get Legendaries without spending money, though you generally have to use up time instead. While it might be challenging to get Legendaries, they’re instrumental in battles, so players prioritize them when possible.

Getting Legendary Cards in Clash Royale

The best way to get Legendary Cards is to buy them with real money. Legendary King’s Chests guarantee a Legendary Card drop, while Royal Chests have a 10% chance of containing one. However, not everyone can afford to spend money on these chests.

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For players who prefer to play the game without spending money, here are some excellent ways to get Legendaries:

Win Trophies

When you play Clash Royale, you’ll win or lose Trophies. At some point, you’ll reach 3,000 Trophies, which unlocks Legendary Cards for sale in the shop. Another requirement is you must be above Level 7 before buying them is possible.

These Legendary Cards cost 40,000 Gold; even if you have enough, not meeting the level requirement prevents you from purchasing them. Also, you can only buy one at a time and wait for the store to refresh after the purchase.

At 2,000 Trophies, you unlock the Royal Arena, and your chest cycle will begin to include Legendary Chests. All King’s Chests will become Legendary King’s Chests, guaranteeing a Legendary Card. However, you must reach two cycles of 240 chests before they drop.

Be Part of an Active Clan

Active Clans start Wars with other Clans, and after many battles, the remaining clans fight for the final victory. Based on your Clan’s performance and placing, you’ll receive a War Chest at the end of the War Season.

If you reach Legendary 1st League, the War Chest you get will have a guaranteed Legendary Card. Make sure you join a competent clan to ensure higher chances of victory.
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Keep Up the Grind

Starting with the Trophy Road update, earning enough Trophies will let you earn Legendary Chests and Legendary King’s Chests.

To get Legendary Chests, you need to reach these numbers:

  • 1,950 Trophies
  • 4,525 Trophies
  • 5,900 Trophies

While you don’t get a guaranteed Legendary Card in these chests, the chances aren’t too bad.

As for Legendary King’s Chests, you have to reach these two Trophy totals:

  • 3,950 Trophies
  • 6,900 Trophies

As long as you keep winning, the chances are good that you’ll eventually get some Legendary Cards.

Play Challenges

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Sometimes, there are challenges in Clash Royale that let you win a Legendary Card. They’re also free to join, though the difficulty level is higher. The reward chest itself may also drop a Legendary Card.

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Expect new challenges when the game gets a new Legendary Card release.

Beating Quests

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Players get three quests every day before the refresh system kicks in, and they can replace one quest for free each day. The more quests completed, the sooner you get rewards, and sometimes you get Chests. You can get a Legendary King’s Chest by earning 500 Quest Points, though there are other chests for fewer points.

Opening Other Chests

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The last method is probably something you already do – open chests. Even the most common chest may have a Legendary surprise.

Power in My Hands

You don’t need Legendary Cards to win matches, though they help increase your chances. Even so, when the game gives you several ways to obtain some, take the opportunity. Your deck will probably benefit from some Legendary Cards.

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