Clash Royale: How to Get Star Points


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Star Points can be considered end-game content in Clash Royale since there is little else to do once you have reached maximum levels and gone through all the upgrades. These cosmetic-only points will give your cards some golden upgrades to show how much time you have invested in the game.

Clash Royale: How to Get Star Points

If you have ever wondered how to maximize your Star Point generation, we are here to help. This article will explain how players gain Star Points in Clash Royale and which may be the most fruitful.

What Do Star Points Do – Clash Royale?

What Do Star Points Do Clash Royale1

Star Points are the currency players access when they level their King Tower to Level 13. They effectively replace Experience in a way, and some Experience generation methods used before Level 13 King Tower started giving out Star Points instead.

By replacing an obsolete currency (since you no longer need Experience), Star Points ensure that players have something to look forward to even if they have maxed out their cards and buildings.

Star Points are used to upgrade Max Level cards with special Star Levels. These levels do not give the cards more combat power. Instead, they improve card visuals and add more cosmetic effects.

Some cards (typically damaging spells) have only one Star Level, but others have up to three. Here is a rough breakdown of what each Star Level brings:

  • Level 1 gives the card a shiny deploy animation and a golden border in the collection menu or during combat.
  • Level 2 provides ongoing cosmetic effects, changing some materials to look gold or adding gold accents and parts.
  • Level 3 grants more cosmetic boosts, typically adding even more golden accents than Level 2.

Players require many Star Points to upgrade all of their cards. Here are the upgrade costs for a single Max Level card:

  • Level 1 costs 10,000 Star Points.
    Clash Royale How to Get Star Points 1
  • Level 2 costs 15,000 Star Points.
    Clash Royale How to Get Star Points 2
  • Level 3 costs 20,000 Star Points.
    Clash Royale How to Get Star Points 3

With a cumulative cost of 45,000 Star Points to upgrade a three-level card, some cards can become Star Points (and therefore time) sinks to get to Star Level 3. These amounts can take a while for a F2P (free-to-play) player.

Clash Royale How to Get Star Points Fast?

There are several ways to get Star Points, but none are particularly fast. Combining them to maximize your Star Point generation rate would be wise. Luckily, players probably did these methods before getting to Level 13 King Tower, so it should be relatively simple to keep repeating the process now.

Collecting Duplicate Cards

Clash Royale How to Get Star Points 5

One of the most reliable methods for receiving Star Points is obtaining repeat cards of ones you already have fully leveled. Each duplicate you purchase or receive from events becomes more Star Points.

Common, Rare, and Epic cards are more Gold-efficient. Every five Gold you invest into purchases (usually from daily deals in the shop) turns into Star Points. Although the prices in the shop might look like the ratio is worse, remember that any purchases for overflowing cards refund half of their Gold cost.

For example, if you spend 400 Gold on duplicate Common cards, you will get 200 Gold (from the refund) and 40 Star Points.

Legendary Cards have a much worse Gold-to-SP ratio, at 20 Gold to one Star Point. While it is not particularly effective, you can still buy Legendary Cards with the Gold to spare.

Chests, events, donations, and trades are also effective methods of getting more cards you already maxed. Each card gained this way gives you both Gold and Star Points:

  • 1 Star Point per Common
  • 10 Star Points per Rare
  • 100 Star Points per Epic
  • 1,000 Star Points per Legendary

You have to have the card in question at its max level. If you have enough duplicates to level the card fully but have not done so, additional copies will stay in your collection; you will not receive Star Points from them.

Upgrading Cards

Clash Royale How to Get Star Points 4

Even if you are Level 13, it is more than likely that some card levels are lagging. Upgrading your cards’ level is also a great way to get some easy Star Points; especially if you have been stockpiling duplicates you do not use frequently. Higher levels grant more Star Points, but here is a more detailed breakdown:

  • Level 1 to 2: 4 Star Points
  • Level 2 to 3: 5 Star Points
  • Level 3 to 4: 6 Star Points
  • Level 4 to 5: 10 Star Points
  • Level 5 to 6: 25 Star Points
  • Level 6 to 7: 50 Star Points
  • Level 7 to 8: 100 Star Points
  • Level 8 to 9: 200 Star Points
  • Level 9 to 10: 400 Star Points
  • Level 10 to 11: 600 Star Points
  • Level 11 to 12: 800 Star Points
  • Level 12 to 13 (Max): 1,600 Star Points

You can get up to 3,800 Star Points by leveling one card from Level 1 to Level 13. This can be a great way to get a few Star Levels on a card you frequently use, especially if you have left some cards alone for a while.

However, card upgrades are also the most limited way to get Star Points since there are only so many cards you can level up. Also, players generally upgrade their most-used cards well before getting to the point they can use Star Points.

Battle Pass and Global Tournaments

Clash Royale How to Get Star Points 7

Generally, you can purchase the seasonal Battle Pass to get some boosts while playing the game. It is also an effective method of getting more Star Points alongside Gold and other general benefits. It does cost money, though.

Essentially, anything that would typically give you Experience from the Battle Pass will get converted into Star Points if you are Level 13.

With the Battle Pass, you also get access to more Global Tournaments, generally considered the best way to generate enormous rewards and currency if you score well. If you are already investing some money into playing Clash Royale and have a decent collection, there is very little to lose by participating in these special events.

Clash Royale Best Way to Get Star Points

Unfortunately, there is no one “best way” to get Star Points. Active players generally already do all the actions that generate more Star Points whenever they can, giving them a steady trickle of Points to use.

Legendary cards are generally not worth the effort if you do not have a vast stockpile of Gold to splurge on them, but all others are free games. Our best advice is to keep checking your daily shop offers, available chests, and guild donation requests for any cards you already have leveled up. You will get the most benefits from investing your time and Gold.

If you want to get more Star Points, you can always purchase the Battle Pass for a bit of real money and enjoy the added benefits, which can quickly stack with other methods.

Also, it should be clear that Star Points are not that useful.

Since the only benefits you get are cosmetic, with various golden hues and accents, obtaining more Star Points will not make any part of the game easier to complete. Therefore, players who have just gotten to Level 13 should not prioritize getting more Star Points over ensuring their most-used cards are leveled fully.

Star Points will come just by playing the game frequently and sub-optimally, so there is no need to worry about how many Star Points you have.

Shine Like a Star in Clash Royale

Star Points are one of the reasons players stick to playing Clash Royale well after they have reached Level 13 and maxed their cards. After all, some people appreciate the golden animations and effects on the battlefield.

What is the first card you used Star Points on? Let us know in the comment section below.

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