How to Get Diamond Camo in CoD Mobile


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CoD Mobile Diamond mastery camo was previewed as a part of Season 11 in 2020. With its release in Season 13 of the same year, players can outfit their weapons with skill-dependent camo and showcase their abilities to opponents. However, getting this diamond camo can take a bit of effort and determination since all weapons have stringent camo requirements.

How to Get Diamond Camo in CoD Mobile

We’re here to help out, but it’s up to you to become good enough to earn diamond camo for weapons.

How to Unlock Diamond Camo in CoD Mobile

Diamond follows as the next natural progression in the mastery camo line. It has been a staple of CoD Online ever since its release. With the addition of this line in CoD Mobile, all players can eventually get diamond camos for their weapons if they’re good enough and have a bit of time to grind.

Unlocking diamond camos is done on a per weapon basis, with each weapon having separate kill counters and requirements. Here’s what you’ll need to do:

  • Assault rifles: ten kills per match for 150 matches total for each rifle
  • SMGs: ten kills per match for 120 matches total for each gun
    2 19
  • LMGs: ten kills per match for 120 matches total with each gun
    3 8
  • Sniper rifles: 10 kills per match for 120 matches total on each sniper
    4 5
  • Shotguns: 10 kills per match for 120 matches with each gun
    5 8
  • Pistols: 10 kills per match for 80 matches with each pistol
    6 5
  • Melee: 500 melee weapon kills across any number of matches
    7 4
  • Launchers: 100 UAV takedowns in total, per launcher
    8 6

For each weapon class, you have to have the gold camo for all weapons in that class before you can start grinding for diamond camos. You can’t forgo any particular weapon and have to go all-in to get all the way to diamond camo with your favorite option.

Since you need to grind up to each weapon’s diamond camo, and the requirements for one match counting are ten kills (for most weapon types), it can take a significant amount of time to get every camo.

The camo itself is beautiful, but the real present that comes with it is the knowledge of how good you can be with each weapon, especially since getting ten kills in a single game can be a chore in itself. With a bustling online community and a steady player base, you can quickly go through the ranks and improve. Diamond camos will make that process more worthwhile when you can observe one of the best-looking skins in the game close up for every moment of the action.

Shine Like a Diamond in CoD Mobile

The only way to truly shine in CoD mobile and show off your skill and achievements is to unlock mastery-bound weapon camouflages. The diamond camos are considered the cream of the crop, and any player with enough time on their hands will naturally strive towards them. If you’ve managed to get one of these on accident, good for you! Now, it’s time to get the rest of them if you want a complete collection.

Which diamond camo did you receive first? Let us know in the comment section below.


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