How to Complete The Pirate’s Wife Quest in Stardew Valley



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Part of Stardew Valley’s late-game content will have you exploring the remarkable Ginger Island. On this island, you will meet a woman who calls herself Birdie. This quick guide contains everything you need to know about Birdie and the quest she has in store for you.

How to Complete The Pirate’s Wife Quest in Stardew Valley

The Pirate’s Wife

Birdie is the widowed wife of a pirate who lives on Ginger Island. The Pirate is long gone, but Birdie’s loyalty to her husband lingers. Birdie refuses to leave the island, saying she will stay there with her husband’s remains. Birdie is an NPC who will not accept any gifts from you. Therefore, you can not form a relationship with her. But you can chat with her every time you see her on the island. Aside from that, you will get a quest from Birdie that will earn you valuable rewards.

After giving 10 Walnuts to a Parrot to unlock the Island Farm, you can go ahead and walk to the western part of the farm. There you will see Birdie fishing on the beach near a small hut. The old lady will tell you her story and how she would love to get a keepsake from her husband to remember him by. You will then receive a War Memento that shows a photograph of a young soldier.

Completing The Pirate’s Wife Quest

To complete the quest, you have to give special items to several NPCs and get another item in exchange until you finally acquire the Pirate’s keepsake. Below are what you should do to fulfill Birdie’s wish:

  1. The War Memento is the first item you will possess at the beginning of the quest. If you are familiar with Kent, you will know he is the only one in Pelican Town who served in the army. He can be seen somewhere in Pelican Square, in the Stardrop Saloon, or his home. Talk to Kent, and he will give you a Gourmet Tomato Salt after taking the faded photograph.
  2. There’s no other villager in town who would appreciate a fine seasoning than Gus. Head to the Stardrop Saloon to find Gus. Give him the Gourmet Tomato Salt, and he will happily hand you over a Stardew Valley Rose.
  3. Go to Calico Desert to visit Sandy in her shop. Sandy will be happy to take the rose. In exchange for that, she will give you an Advanced TV Remote.
  4. Visit George’s home and give him the Advanced TV Remote. The old fellow will be pleased with your gift, and he will give you an Arctic Shard in return.
  5. The Arctic Shard is a magical artifact that the Wizard would definitely love to get his hands on. Talk to the Wizard at his tower, and trade the Arctic Shard for a Wriggly Worm.
  6. Go to Willy’s Fish Shop or Pelican Town Beach to talk to Willy. He will gladly take the Wriggly Worm from you in exchange for the Pirate’s Locket.

Here Comes the Bounty

Now that you have the Pirate’s Locket, you can return to Ginger Island to give Birdie her requested keepsake. Birdie will be delighted to see the locket, and she will reward you with the limited 5 Golden Walnuts and a crafting recipe for Fairy Dust.

You can sprinkle Fairy Dust on Artisan Equipment or Machinery to get its product immediately. For example, using Fairy Dust on a Keg processing a fruit will instantly give you the Wine. A Fairy Rose and a Diamond is required in crafting Fairy Dust.

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