How to Connect HearthArena to Hearthstone


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Hearthstone, originally released in 2014, was Blizzard Entertainment’s surprisingly successful foray into the card game genre. Now, six years on, it still sits at the top of the popularity and rating lists. Many competitors have come and gone, but Hearthstone has captured the hearts and minds of many fans of collectable card games.

How to Connect HearthArena to Hearthstone

Of course, with its popularity, came many “companion” apps, unofficial additions to the game that help players track their stats, collections etc. HearthArena is one of the most used for Hearthstone, if some players have had trouble installing it. This short guide will help you get it done in no-time.

What Is HearthArena?

If you’re not familiar with HearthArena, its functionality is very simple and non-intrusive. In short, it takes the tier list right into your Arena game. When you use it, you’ll get in-game tier list recommendations, which come in handy when you’re drafting an Arena deck you’d like to use.

Connect Heartharena to Hearthstone

Specifically, according to the app’s developers, it does the following:

It automatically scans offered cards and recommends which one is the best to pick out of the three. Once you pick them, it adds the chosen cards into a personal tracker for decks. HearthArena’s deck tracker will then automatically display all the cards in your hand as well as the ones currently in your deck. And finally, when your match is over, your win/loss ratio is recorded on the HearthArena website, so you can keep a track of it when you’re done with your runs in the Arena.

So How Do I Install It?

It’s simple! By following the steps below, you’ll be able to get HearthArena up and running with your Hearthstone game in no time at all.

  1. The first thing you’ll need to do is head over to Heartharena’s own page on the Overwolf website, where you’ll be able to download the latest version of the app It’s straightforward enough, but if you’d like to get to it asap, then the link is right here. Note that installing the app will also install the Overwolf API. This is necessary for the app to function properly, so don’t worry about it.
  2. Create a HearthArena account by following the simple instructions via this link. Once you’ve input the right information, just click on “Register”, and your account will be good to go. As always, don’t forget to use a strong password!
  3. Once you’ve got that part done, start the App via the Overwolf interface, and then launch Hearthstone. From there, you’ll be able to see the Overwolf in-game overlay. Simply click on it and log into your newly created HearthArena account.
  4. Once that’s done, you’ll be able to see the tier list and any further recommendations from the companion app.

Easy as that! From that point on, you can enjoy your Hearthstone game with HearthArena’s tips and tricks. Hopefully, this will improve your performance if you were encountering any issues beforehand, or were simply stuck and weren’t sure which cards you should take to build your optimal deck.



Of course, since HearthArena is still in beta, it’s understandable that some of its features might not work 100% of the time. Since this is true for most applications, even those made by professional developers, it’s extremely helpful to offer any feedback you may have. Whether it’s about a certain functionality or if you have a suggestion that would make the game run smoother, don’t be shy to leave your feedback on their help page.


Some players have also been afraid of getting banned when it comes to using HearthArena or similar apps. However, this has been addressed by the developers. Many times, they’ve stated that there are thousands of players using the companion app to get useful information concerning the game and the way they play. In addition to that, HearthArena is a legitimate application for Overwolf, which has been approved by Blizzard itself.

The main advantage of HearthArena is that you don’t need to enter any data concerning the game manually. It does everything on its own, including deck tracking as well as your wins and losses, which you can always reference on your HearthArena profile on their website.

Overall, it’s a very useful and convenient application to use whether you’re a new or old Hearthstone player, as it removes the tediousness of keeping track of certain statistics manually.

Send in Your Own Tips!

And there you go, that’s the simplest way for you to connect your Hearthstone game and HearthArena app. Have you encountered any other, similar apps that do a good job as well? Or do you have any other tips or tricks to share concerning HearthArena’s stats that might be useful to a player that enjoys crunching numbers? If so, don’t be a stranger. Share your experiences in the comments section below.

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