Counter-Strike 2 Showcases Upgraded Classic Maps


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The original Counter-Strike was a global phenomenon when it launched back in 2000, and Valve is now gearing up for the sequel Counter-Strike 2. The game is set to release this summer, and we have a new featurette giving us a look at the upgraded and new maps.

Counter-Strike 2 Showcases Upgraded Classic Maps

Check this out:

Cleaner, brighter, better. Maps in Counter-Strike 2 are receiving upgrades and overhauls which leverage all of the new Source 2 tools and rendering features.

With the latest Counter-Strike game, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive launching way back in 2012, Counter-Strike 2 promises to be another huge leap forward when it comes to the technical aspects of the game. With Counter-Strike being a cornerstone when it comes to modern-day shooters though, it’s interesting to see that a lot of classic maps are going to be getting the new-gen polish that so many other titles have.

As of now, PC Gamer is reporting a record number of players for CS:GO which is speculated to be hype surrounding the announcement of the Counter-Strike sequel. What’s interesting is, CS2 is said to be carrying over features from CS:GO, meaning that you can take all your skins and cosmetics and bring them over to the new game—kind of like the cosmetics in Overwatch 2.

The hype is definitely getting higher for the next Counter-Strike, and hopefully we get more reveals for the game soon—fingers crossed we don’t have to wait until E3 this June.

No specific release date has been announced for Counter-Strike 2, but the game is expected to launch sometime this summer.

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