Crusader Kings 3: How To Educate Child


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Education is one of the essential things in life. With education, we get to know ourselves, develop a worldview, and look at life from a different perspective. Therefore, education is one of the cornerstones of our life.

Crusader Kings 3: How To Educate Child

This is also the case with Crusader Kings 3. Your children are the heirs of your ruler, and after your ruler dies, your people will rule your country. Therefore, your children’s education, that is, the education of your children is vital for the future of your country.

Let’s see how to educate a child in Crusader Kings 3

How To Educate Child In Crusader Kings 3

Educating your children yourself can control their development and provide an education according to their traits. Thus, after your ruler dies, your country will be in safe hands.

To educate your child in Crusader Kings 3, you need to follow the steps below:

Step 1: Click on your ruler.

click on ruler crusader kings 3 1024x576 1

Step 2: Select the child and right-click on it.

selecting child crusader kings 3 1024x576 1

Step 3: Press the “Educate Child” button.

educate child 1024x576 1

It’s that simple. Now, you can give training on which personal characteristics you want to improve by directly interested in your children’s education. Thus, you can prepare your children for the future of your country.

Also, in Crusader Kings 3, you can assign someone you want to take care of your child’s education. For this, you can press the place shown below and choose the person you want to be interested in his education.

send proposal 1024x576 1

On the other hand, when someone else is interested in their child’s education, you don’t decide your child’s personality traits. This will put your child’s education out of your control. In addition, some training can increase your child’s stress score.

If your child’s stress increases, his health condition may be adversely affected, and he may die early. As long as you pay attention to these points, your child will be successfully educated.

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