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Bots can be pretty annoying in CS:GO. Whenever you’re playing around or practicing on a new map in a custom match, bots might join automatically. In some cases, they might even rejoin after being kicked in order to rebalance the teams. Thankfully, with thousands of commands being available through the console in the game, we’ll show you how to properly kick bots and prevent them from rejoining again.

CS:GO | How To Kick Bots

How To Kick Bots | CS:GO

This can be done in the screen before creating a custom match as well, but if you’ve already started a match, these settings can be changed through the console while the match is occurring.

Firstly though, you must ensure that the console is enabled in your CS:GO settings. I didn’t know that there is actually a way to disable the console, but if you have, make sure to reenable it. To open it, press ‘~’ which is the default key bind for it.

In your case it might be different, so hit the appropriate key bind for the console. After that, here is what you need to do to kick bots in CS:GO:

  1. Type in this command: ‘mp_limitteams 1’. This will set teams to a maximum of 1 player or bot.
  2. Then, type in: ‘mp_autoteambalance 0’. This second command will stop the bots from auto-balancing teams.
  3. After that, use: ‘bot_kick’ to remove all of the bots from the match.

If you type in ‘bot_kick’ from the start, the bots might still auto-join the match depending on what settings have been set in the match setup screen. The first two commands are to ensure that the bots don’t flood in.

There is a way to kick bots for only one team as well. To kick bots from the CT team, type in: ‘bot_kick ct’. The same command is for T as well, just instead of ‘ct’ type in ‘t’.

Ultimately, if you want to readd some bots type in either: ‘bot_add ct’ or ‘bot_add t’ depending which team you want to add the bots to.

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