How to Get the Iconic Genjiroh Smart Pistol in Cyberpunk 2077



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One does not have to look further than the hidden location of the Iconic Genjiroh smart pistol to know that Cyberpunk 2077 is a huge game, and there might be weapons scattered throughout Night City that no one has discovered yet. I mean that this pistol is hidden well, and you must be a bit creative to get to it. However, even though you must do some parkour, this incredible pistol is worth it.

How to Get the Iconic Genjiroh Smart Pistol in Cyberpunk 2077

Explaining how to get to the location and get the Iconic Genjiroh smart pistol might be a tad difficult, so bear with me. Also, make sure to follow the steps carefully.

How to Get Iconic Genjiroh Smart Pistol – Cyberpunk 2077

Before we jump into how to obtain this pistol, it’s important to check whether you have at least level 11 Technical Ability. You have to use that to get into the gun’s cellar.

If you do, you’re all set; just follow these steps to get the Iconic Genjiroh smart pistol in Cyberpunk 2077:

  1. Travel to Redwood Market fast travel point in Westbrook, Japantown.
  2. Find the “SoiasiL Machistadog – Explosion of Taste” ad above an elevator door. Go inside the elevator, and go to 19: Market. soiasil cahistadog
  3. Walk straight, take a right, and pass on the bridge to the other side. Take a right and then take the stairs, which will be on your left.
  4. Go straight for the door and go into the restricted area. Be careful of traps!
  5. Take the ladder in there to go out and climb once more. Take a right and use the vents to get on the other platform or balcony.
  6. Find the elevator there and use it to get to 21: Balcony. When you get there, go right and open the second door, i.e., the smaller one. door location cyberpunk balcony
  7. Inside, walk forward until you get to the “cellar.” Use your Technical Ability to open the door and go in.
  8. On the table, the Iconic Genjiroh smart pistol will be up for grabs!

I know that all of these might sound quite complicated, but be sure not to skip the steps and follow them carefully. You will find this pistol in no time!

As for the Iconic Genjiroh smart pistol, it’s pretty amazing. You will get it at Epic Rarity, but you can upgrade it to Legendary like any other Iconic.

It has two mod slots and a lot of DPS. When fully upgraded, this weapon can be considered a late-game pistol. The projectiles can target up to six enemies at a time. Sign me up!

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