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With how technology has advanced in the year of 2077, there are a lot of clothes and weapons that are far more advanced that we have these days. Some examples would be weapons with self-guided projectiles and bulletproof clothes. There is a bulletproof legendary jacket that you can get called Corporate Blazer. It’s light, but at the same time, it has the capacity to somewhat protect you from bullets or powerful blows.

Cyberpunk 2077: How to Get Legendary Corporate Blazer

How to Get the Legendary Corporate Blazer – Cyberpunk 2077

Thankfully, this item can be acquired by an unfortunate casualty in Night City. There are a lot of items you can pick up from people that have sadly died in battle.

I guess those items are better if they’re used by someone else, and not rot away out of existence. Nevertheless, with the main topic at hand, follow this guide to get the legendary Corporate Blazer:

  1. Travel to Ebunike Docks fast travel point in Watson – Northside.
  2. Then, make your way to this location:
  3. You will hace to jump the fence where you will see the “Barely Illegal” sign. It is the building on the right of the pin on the reference picture.
  4. There will be an unfortunate casualty next to the “Love” sign.
  5. Go to it and pick up the legendary Corporate Blazer.

Along with that item, you’ll find a lot of other ones which aren’t anything special, but are good to have no doubt.

Also, there are other items you can pick up from the bodies at this spot, and there might be other items hidden somewhere throughout this place.

Legendary Corporate Blazer Stats

It has armor which is pretty good along with 0.20 Evasion and 5 Block damage reduction. If you block melee attacks, it will reduce your stamina consumption by at least 5%.

Lastly, it only has one mod slot, which is unfortunate, but this item can be good for some builds people are trying to go for.

Upgradability, is not good, but hey, who could argue with some free items?

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