Cyberpunk 2077: How to Get Legendary Shingen Mark V (Smart SMG)



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It is no secret that smart weapons in Cyberpunk 2077 provide a whole different playstyle. Some might be fans of it, but some don’t quite like the fact that they were implemented in the game. Nonetheless, whether or not you think that they are overpowered or not, they’re still really fun to play with, especially the Legendary Shingen Mark V smart SMG.

Cyberpunk 2077: How to Get Legendary Shingen Mark V (Smart SMG)

How to Get the Legendary Shingen Mark V – Cyberpunk 2077

This smart SMG is not like the other legendary or similar weapons that can be acquired through missions or side gigs. Instead, this SMG can be obtained at a certain restricted area.

Interestingly, there were no enemies at this spot, but they might attack you after a while. The restricted area I’m talking about is a factory of sorts.

There are a lot of vehicles at this location, as well as trailers. The Legendary Shingen Mark V will be hidden in one of those truck trailers. This place is riddled with explosives, so we must be careful.

Here is what you need to do to get the legendary Shingen Mark V smart SMG in Cyberpunk 2077:

  1. Travel to Arasaka Industrial Park fast travel point in Santo Domingo.
  2. Go inside this restricted area (jump through the ramps):
  3. Walk forward until you see truck trailers on your right-side.
  4. The second one, i.e. at lot four will have the legendary Shingen Mark V smart SMG inside!

IMPORTANT: Make sure to shoot the explosive that will be on the ground of the truck trailer.

This weapon is perfect when outnumbered. The self-guided mini projectiles are explosive and the bullets will go to upwards of three people at a time.

It has four mod slots if you want to upgrade, and this weapon will work great in late-game as well. Its small clip size is a bit disappointing but it does shred enemies before you run out.

The fire rate on this gun is what is to be expected from an SMG, so you do find yourself reloading every few seconds because of the magazine size.

The Snignen Mark V is a powerful and safe weapon, which means it can work with most builds, but fast mid-range build would be utilizing this weapon the most.

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