Cyberpunk 2077: How to Get Out the Secret Maelstrom Merchant Location



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If you’ve played the “Heist” mission, you might have unlocked a secret Maelstrom merchant, which has some pretty good weaponry. Getting to that location and buying from this NPC is pretty tough though, the method of getting to that location is pretty unorthodox. If you have followed our guide to get to the secret Maelstrom merchant’s location, you might be wondering how on earth do you get out of this spot?

Cyberpunk 2077: How to Get Out the Secret Maelstrom Merchant Location

In similar fashion to getting to this NPC, getting out is challenging as well. Because there are many things you need to do in order to leave the area, make sure not to miss any of the steps below!

How to Get Out the Secret Maelstrom Merchant Location – Cyberpunk 2077

Because this whole process is quite extensive and long, we chose not to beat around the bush too much, and instead get to the point as fast as possible. If you’re looking to get out of the secret Maelstrom merchant location in Cyberpunk 2077, this is how you do it:

  1. Stand next to the merchant and look behind you. You should see some blue boxes like the picture below. Get on them, and double jump to the stairs in front:
  2. Go through the door on your right. After that, climb down and go through the “garage” door. Take a right and climb the stairs on the left.
  3. Follow the path until you get to a door, go through it.
  4. Get on the electrical box on your left, and then double jump on the pipe that’ll be located slightly left and above from you:
  5. Look right, and jump to the first control unit. After you do so, make sure to make a manual save for the game here!
  6. Next, you will have to jump on the steel frame of the factory, which should be above you. If you fail the jump, open your saves and select the one that you just made.
  7. When you get on the frame, jump in the same direction to the platform in front of you. Look slightly up, and you should see an opening in the windows, jump through it!
  8. Enjoy your freedom!

When you reach the roof of the building, it fairly straightforward just go to where you will find the smallest drop you can jump from onto the ground of Night City!

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