Where to Buy Legendary Nervous System Cyberware in



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Want to step up your cyberware game to the next level? Finding legendary cyberware is difficult in Cyberpunk 2077, but we will show you how to get some.

Where to Buy Legendary Nervous System Cyberware in

Unfortunately, nothing I will tell you in this guide will be free. Legendary cyberware is hard to come by throughout Night City. There are a few places where you can get some and some quests that will get you some cyberware, but that’s it.

You must spend some hard-earned Eurodollars to get some legendaries into your collection. There is a particular ripperdoc that has a legendary nervous system cyberware.

Where to Buy Legendary Nervous System Cyberware – Cyberpunk 2077

The ripperdoc will have two legendary parts for cyberware, coming at two different price points. One will be around 20 thousand, while the other will come at 35 thousand.

So, it’s not a cheap sport; however, if you’re looking for fast ways to get those extra buffs, this is the way!

Usually, Japantown has one of many more renowned ripperdocs, and it’s the same case for the one I will show you today.

To buy some legendary nervous system cyberware in Cyberpunk 2077, you will need to go to Westbrook, Japantown, but more specifically, to this shopkeeper:

A screenshot showing the location of the shopkeeper who sells legendary nervous system cyberware in Japantown

It’s important to mention that, as I said, quite a few shops sell legendaries in Japantown, so make sure you check out a few merchants in the area as well.

Nonetheless, go to this particular ripperdoc today and browse the nervous system cyberware. You will have two legendary choices:

  • Reflex Tuner
  • Synaptic Accelerator

Synaptic Accelerator

This is the most powerful choice, but the only downside is its price. At that price point, there are some legendary guns that you can buy.

Nevertheless, with this item, you will get a time ability, allowing you to slow down time by 50% for four seconds when detected by foes. This has a cooldown of 60 seconds, which is not a lot, but you won’t exactly be moving around in slow motion all the time, either.

Reflex Tuner

The Synaptic Accelerator is similar to the Reflex Tuner. You get the same effect of slow-motion, but with a whopping 80%, but this will happen only when your health dips below 25%.

A screenshot of the Reflex Tuner, a legendary nervous system cyberware in Cyberpunk 2077

Cooldown is less, which is excellent and makes it a more viable option when you compare price to performance!

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